Translation of vacancy in Spanish:


vacante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈveɪk(ə)nsi//ˈveɪkənsi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(job)

      vacante feminine
      a vacancy exists for an electrician se necesita / se busca electricista
      • to fill a vacancy cubrir / proveer una vacante
      • [ S ]vacancies ofertas de trabajo
      • Since the end of the 2000 season, there have been 13 coaching vacancies.
      • The Pre-School Playgroup has a temporary vacancy for a Playgroup Assistant.
      • A few vacancies exist for male singers but none for ladies at the present time.
      • As part of the development of our Psychology Service, vacancies have arisen for assistant psychologists.
      • A vacancy has arisen for a part-time assistant in Swinford Hospice shop.
      • If there was a vacancy it wouldn't be surprising if people thought about him as a possible candidate.
      • At the end of the 1999-2000 school year the district had 200 unfilled teacher vacancies.
      • We offer information on full and part-time vacancies, training and courses, and counselling.
      • Advertising a vacancy seems relatively efficient and inexpensive, especially for junior jobs.
      • Shortlisting may apply to all posts and panels may be formed from which future vacancies may be filled.
      • We match people's skills with the vacancies available.
      • One in every ten Cumbrian businesses said skill shortages made it hard to fill job vacancies, the study revealed.
      • She got the job after the town council advertised the vacancy last summer.
      • Frank, 41, applied for the post when the parish council advertised two vacancies.
      • Physiotherapy services will also be drastically affected by a decision not to replace staff vacancies.
      • Her departure leaves a vacancy on the town council.
      • One in five job vacancies remain unfilled because of a shortage of skilled workers.
      • Some staff vacancies in this area have been open for several months now with no response.
      • Many faculty are retiring, and effective recruitment programs are crucial to filling faculty vacancies.
      • I recently posted an advertisement for a vacancy and want to avoid discriminating against minority groups.

    • 1.2(in hotel)

      habitación libre feminine
      [ S ]vacancies hay habitaciones
      • [ S ]no vacancies cupo agotado
      • With the airport security locking the doors and taxi service nowhere to be found, I had to walk to the only hotel sporting a vacancy sign.
      • In the pouring rain, Joan drives her to office, a cheesy, light-up sign outside announcing the position like it's a motel vacancy.
      • Some of the guesthouses had no vacancies signs and the tea shops were busy again.
      • I'm sure many in the accommodation sector will be scratching their heads about why they still had vacancy signs up this week.
      • Hotels, guesthouses and bed and breakfast establishments had the no vacancy signs out early and pubs, restaurants and nightclubs enjoyed a roaring trade.
      • Across the road, the Craigdarroch Arms Hotel has vacancies, as do various guest houses.
      • There are many holiday accommodation vacancies.
      • After a minor argument, we pulled up in front of an older hotel with vacancies and checked in.

  • 2

    vacuidad feminine
    • He was sitting towards the back of the vehicle, staring with a fixed expression into vacancy.
    • The one-sided critical response to this film shows the moral vacancy at the heart of western liberalism, especially of the academic/intellectual variety.
    • There's something about winter and snow that eliminates sound, and in that immense and roofless vacancy you sense another presence, something that doesn't move.
    • These experiences are merely episodes of mental vacancy.
    • Primitive peoples have more time than we for contemplation, and we err in thinking that when an Aborigine is sitting, apparently idle, looking into vacancy, his mind is necessarily blank.