Translation of vacation in Spanish:


vacaciones, n.

Pronunciation /veɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//vəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//veɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//vəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1US

      (from work) vacaciones feminine
      (from work) licencia feminine Mexico River Plate Colombia
      (from studies) vacaciones feminine
      (camp/trip/job) (before noun) de vacaciones
      to be on vacation (from work) estar de licencia Mexico River Plate Colombia
      • to take a vacation tomarse unas vacaciones
      • he took his vacation in May cogió las vacaciones en mayo
      • I spent my vacation in Peru pasé las vacaciones en el Perú
      • where did you spend your summer vacation? ¿dónde veraneaste?
      • the long vacation las vacaciones de verano
      • to go on vacation ir / irse de vacaciones
      • vacation home casa de veraneo / de campo
      • vacation resort centro turístico
      • During our university vacations, we took jobs as herds people in the Alps, running after cattle for three months out of the year and sleeping in rickety huts and stables.
      • Before you leave on vacation, follow these tips and feel more secure about your home being vacant.
      • I tended only to see them during University vacations - particularly Christmas.
      • Please take the time to get enough rest, not only on vacation, but everyday.
      • After a summer vacation, most children look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones as they return to school.
      • As I regard this case as sufficiently important, I will come in during the vacation if there is a problem.
      • I went on vacation last week, and somehow managed to leave the refrigerator door open.
      • In fact, over the holidays the mom was off on vacation for two weeks and didn't spend one of those days with her son.
      • I am staring a three-and-a-bit months University vacation in the face.
      • Because the Scottish courts are currently on a vacation period, only one judge will hear the appeal, instead of two.
      • When I was at home for university vacations, he would sit listening to me intently, head tilted to one side, as I poured out all the problems of an average early twenty-something.
      • But we were only able to be together during summer vacations and mid term break.
      • Hotels reduce rates, airfare prices drop and vacation packages may be hundreds less.
      • The application came before me as the vacation judge.
      • Holidays and school vacations are to be shared equally.
      • They left to go on vacation around ten this morning.
      • Her best friend and her parents went to Europe every summer for 2 months during the school vacation period.
      • I had seen the movie in Paris while on vacation over the holidays with my partner, Christopher.
      • The time block of the traditional extended summer vacation is redistributed in the form of shorter breaks throughout the year.
      • While planning a long fishing vacation, there are a couple of obvious choices to be made.
      • This week is going to be a little hectic since I'm trying to get so many things done before I leave on vacation.
      • Three-day family vacation packages cost $155 per person, including activities and meals.
      • I will be leaving on vacation in two days and will not be able to do much else except put down ideas in my traveling notebook.
      • Croatian workers receive at least four weeks of vacation per year, in addition to national holidays.
      • I've got a week and a half more at work before my vacation starts.
      • On vacation some people are determined to keep the cell phone charged up and ready to rip wherever they go.
      • There must surely be ways of, for example, employing undergraduates during vacations to enthuse these would-be physicists in labs that would otherwise be lying empty.
      • His friends are all on vacation, leaving him bored and lonesome.
      • Whether they're on a business trip or on vacation, these travelers are often in spending mode.
      • Remember when you thought that an annual two-week vacation was a necessity?
      • He knew he was leaving the next day and that he had booked a vacation for 3 weeks.
      • I was by this time living in Cambridge, having won a scholarship to the university, and stayed with her only during my vacations.
      • On vacation, I would check in with the office three or four times a day.
      • I don't usually get up early when I'm on vacation either, but this trip is a worthwhile exception.
      • Everyone was exchanging gifts in the halls and people were leaving to go on vacation and to go visit family members.
      • Typically honeymooners tend to enjoy beach vacations as honeymoon destinations.
      • This was during Christmas break, and Brent was still supposedly on vacation from school.
      • While packing, I browse through some photos and I come across some of me on vacation with a former boyfriend.
      • Some universities will cancel the usual summer vacations from mid-July to the end of August as part of the effort to prevent the spread of the disease.
      • Months later I flew to the United States to spend a month-long vacation.
      • Next time the kids are on school vacation, I'm hiring a sitter and going to work.
      • We decided to just go on vacation and take advantage of our spring break.
      • The vacation period was a nightmare for many because they had to explore alternative methods of generating income.
      • With a vacation period coming up, the magistrate put off the case until August 13.
      • First, I have not been on vacation, I don't even know what a vacation is anymore.
      • We've finished school this year and are going to university after summer vacation.
      • "We specialise in providing the best adventure vacations for people who want a personal and tailored travel service.
      • Students on long-term tertiary courses may, on application, work for 15 hours per week during term time, and for extended hours during vacations.

    • 1.2(of law courts)

      período de inactividad masculine
      receso (judicial) masculine Latin America

  • 2formal

    (of building)
    evacuación feminine formal
    desalojo masculine
    • His vacation of the midfield also enabled Jamie Buchan to get back to his favoured position in midfield after a long spell at left back.
    • He was again unopposed on the vacation of his seat.
    • On the vacation of the post, the senior masters assembled and discussed eligible candidates.

intransitive verb


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    pasar las vacaciones
    vacacionar Mexico