Translation of vaccinate in Spanish:


vacunar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvæksəˌneɪt//ˈvaksɪneɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to vaccinate sb against sth vacunar a algn contra algo
    • After the children were vaccinated they were treated with snacks and games were played.
    • What is your view on vaccinating the general public before a smallpox outbreak is detected?
    • The Department of Health has agreed arrangements for vaccinating people over the age of 65 against influenza next winter.
    • Today the Government revealed its plans to vaccinate key workers against smallpox.
    • Should we be vaccinating our children against the flu?
    • After vaccinating the monkeys, researchers examined the number of lesions that formed on the animals' skin and the amount of time in which they healed.
    • By vaccinating them at this age, you can keep them out of the hospital and really reduce some of the complications.
    • There are few reasons for refraining from vaccinating a child.
    • He said only about one in four NHS trusts had vaccinated their own staff against flu.
    • The emphasis of a vaccination programme is on vaccinating kids before they are four weeks of age, because young kids are most susceptible to infection.
    • You and your veterinarian should discuss the benefits and risks of vaccinating and not vaccinating your pet.
    • All women of childbearing age should be vaccinated against this infection.
    • Experts also believe that vaccinating piglets against the disease may be a useful preventive measure.
    • If you're adopting or purchasing a pet, make sure the breeder, shelter, or store is reputable and vaccinates all of its animals.
    • Health workers will try to vaccinate four million children under the age of five between July 29 and August 2.
    • Is it OK not to vaccinate your child with a particular vaccine if you have safety concerns?
    • He added that the city's some 5,500 cats and dogs will be vaccinated against the disease.
    • Your doctor can test you for immunity to this viral disease before pregnancy and vaccinate you against it if you aren't immune.
    • A few years ago, when the flu vaccine was plentiful, there was a movement to vaccinate everyone early - too early.
    • Some GPs are also finding it increasingly hard to vaccinate enough children to qualify for the extra payments.