Translation of vacuity in Spanish:


vacuidad, n.

Pronunciation /vəˈkjuədi//vəˈkjuːɪti//væˈkjuədi/



  • 1

    vacuidad feminine formal
    • The way by which all things emerge from vacuity is the Way.
    • He championed human values in art and denounced what he considered the frivolity or vacuity of much contemporary painting and sculpture.
    • It's an unpleasant, manipulative trick, but actually pales in comparison with the moral vacuity of the concluding episode.
    • The opening of the infraorbital canal is sunk into a vacuity that penetrates the rostrum.
    • It was an indulgence of high spirits or, at worst, a vulgar exhibit of personal vanity and artistic vacuity.
    • I was struck at the time by the vacuity of her response.
    • Self-proclaimed "fun" music is notoriously difficult to pull off without slipping towards vacuity.
    • The musical, emotional and intellectual vacuity of much fusion music is patent.
    • The lateral margins of palatal foramina are visible at the lateral edges of the anterior margin of the apparently single, large palatal vacuity.
    • Full of excitement, I listened to my first student sermon - only to be taken aback by its vacuity.
    • In other words, Intelligent Design has moved itself further into the realm of scientific vacuity.
    • Neither specimen shows evidence of an incisive foramen or other vacuity in the parts of the palatal process that are preserved.
    • In life, the anterior median vacuity was covered by dermal tooth plates, the parotic or arcual plates.
    • This shows the vacuity of today's policymaking.
    • Early on, she uses a behind-the-scenes look at campaigning to reveal the vacuity of candidates' on-stage convictions.
    • This is the making of a generation whose banality is interchangeable with their vacuity.
    • These songs have a deceptive lyrical vacuity that hints at greater depths, but leaves them to the listener to consider.
    • What we are left with is an empty, shallow shocker whose vacuity is calamitously exposed in its final act.
    • His reply was non-committal to the point of vacuity.
    • We weren't going to hear praise of our excesses, our shallowness, our engulfing vacuity.
    • Only the anterior and posterior ends of the anterior interpterygoid vacuity are preserved in the Herschel specimen.
    • The biggest display ads of the season could not disguise the vacuity of the event.
    • Even now, legislators and other government officials bemoan its vacuity and lack of detailed initiatives.
    • What was most striking to an outsider's sensibility was the impression that the ferocity of the battle for power was matched only by its vacuity.
    • And without providing meaningful commentary, the pop-punk boom is doomed to implode due to its own vacuity.
    • That sentence is worth reading a couple of times, if only to savour its breathtaking idiocy and vacuity.