Translation of vague in Spanish:


impreciso, adj.

Pronunciation /veɪɡ//veɪɡ/

adjectivevaguest, vaguer

  • 1

    (imprecise, unclear)
    (concept/term/wording) impreciso
    (term/concept/wording) vago
    there was vague talk of a move se habló vagamente de una posible mudanza
    • there's a vague likeness between them existe un ligero parecido entre ellas
    • there was a vague note of suspicion in his voice había una leve nota de sospecha en su voz
    • I have a vague idea of how it works tengo una ligera idea de cómo funciona
    • I haven't the vaguest idea no tengo la más mínima / la más vaga idea
    • to be vague about/on sth
    • she was vague about her involvement fue poco explícita acerca de su participación
    • I'm a bit vague about what happened next no me acuerdo muy bien / tengo un recuerdo muy vago de lo que pasó después
    • the book is very vague on some points el libro es muy poco preciso en algunos puntos
    • I'm a bit vague on structuralism sé muy poco / tengo apenas unas nociones de estructuralismo
    • The news is uncertain, the details clouded and vague, and the truth behind the fact is elusive.
    • Nearly all the remaining complaints were trivial, baseless or impossibly vague.
    • "There are some vague memories but… " his frustrated face relaxed.
    • Even so the allegations were so vague they would have been impossible to defend.
    • I have very vague ideas so basically suggestions are totally appreciated as well as opinions as always.
    • These people are not interested in submerging their faiths into a vague universal spirituality.
    • The gales howled, and for a moment, a vague shape began to materialize from the general direction of the gate.
    • There is always a vague feeling of inertia, a longing to go back to a country they have never seen.
    • I have a very vague recollection of being aware of a coach or something alongside the bus.
    • The question of the intelligentsia, a somewhat vague term to begin with, is not really explored here systematically.
    • I sort of had this vague recollection that it was used for munitions, but that was about it.
    • But for now I do feel some vague optimism, and a desire to see if I can make it work properly.
    • I have vague memories of shuffling up the street to the corner shop in them, only to discover that it was closed.
    • Some of the great land-based empires soon became little more than vague memories.
    • She was maybe 20 and had vague hopes, somewhere down the line, of becoming an actor.
    • They have only vague, dim ideas about feelings, the development and nurture of human emotions.
    • As he stared, the shimmer resolved into a vague outline of a man.
    • I have a vague memory that it took about eight months for him to leave office after Black Wednesday.
    • Not only do I not remember them I don't even have a vague idea of what the subject matter was.
    • There is certainly a need for change, but these plans at present are vague, confusing and uncertain.
  • 2

    (sound) poco claro
    (outline) borroso
  • 3

    (expression) distraído
    (person) distraído
    (person) despistado
    • The party has been vague and woolly with regard to the treaty settlement process up until now.
    • They remain rather vague about how they will achieve these aspirations.
    • I didn't mean to be purposefully vague about the details of what happened to me.
    • So I said yes, I would go to his evening class on Wednesday, about which he was so vague and mysterious.
    • She was a bit vague on the legal specifics.
    • "You could say that… " she answered, purposefully sounding vague.
    • She is characteristically vague on a number of crucial narrative occasions.
    • The Home Office, not the most tentative of Whitehall departments, kept things vague.
    • The Spectator editor, as is his custom, seemed a little vague as he accosted the former party leader.
    • Sorry to be a bit vague but I don't want to mention the domain in question.
    • When it came to direct actions, the group discussions became purposely vague.
    • You seem a little vague though, would you go so far as to describe it as a ‘cracking read’?
    • The problem is that talk of the interests of justice is very vague and very general.
    • I find her a bit vague and she reminds me strongly of the goth girls who used to run stalls in Kensington Market a few years back.
    • Someone might reply that my explanation is vague and approximate.
    • Finn was still a bit vague on the subject.
    • He has been criticised for being wilfully vague about those policy plans during the campaign.
    • He remained vague over the issue of privatisation which occupied the national press last week.
    • An FBI statement was vague about specific details, but made it clear that threats had been made.
    • Exponents of travel are often vague as to how the benefits are supposed to work.