Translation of vaguely in Spanish:


vagamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈveɪɡli//ˈveɪɡli/


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    (in imprecise, unclear way)
    (explain) vagamente
    (explain) con imprecisión
    (explain) de manera imprecisa
    (define/answer) con vaguedad
    (answer/define) con imprecisión
    (remember/recognize) vagamente
    (suspicious/ridiculous) ligeramente
    (suspicious/ridiculous) un tanto
    I was vaguely aware of a pain in my leg era vagamente consciente de un dolor en la pierna
    • I know him vaguely lo conozco vagamente
    • he looks vaguely like his father tiene un ligero parecido con / a su padre
    • he hates anything vaguely foreign odia todo lo que tenga la más mínima relación con el extranjero
    • The police statistics vaguely labeled 45 percent of juvenile offenses as "immorality," " incorrigibility, " and running away.
    • I vaguely remember them moving me to another place and a new group of four to five people. "
    • Members in the clubs of the early 1830s had talked vaguely of votes for all.
    • I vaguely remember skimming through it at the time and not being at all interested - it was over.
    • And as I headed down to the baggage claim, one initial impression of LA cemented itself in my mind: this city smells vaguely like onion dip.
    • These very vaguely worded provisions do not specify the scope or conditions of exercise of the discretionary power which was at the origin of the measures complained of.
    • 'I think it's because they don't force feed them,' he says, vaguely. 'Basically, they raise the cows slower, more carefully'.
    • She vaguely points downwards, as if alerting the darkening world to imminent nightfall.
    • I can vaguely remember the comatosing effect of the free Russian vodka.
    • Darcy was still immobile, continuing to look around vaguely.
    • Riley vaguely talked of studies to find waste to cut.
    • For us young'uns Kate Bush is remembered, vaguely, as a kind of precursor to Tori Amos, a similarly cryptic and leftfield songstress.
    • The regulations make what is vaguely described as "profiting others" a crime.
    • The trouble is most of these rules are vaguely worded.
    • The vaguely worded bills seek to criminalize safe and common abortion procedures throughout pregnancy.
    • Whilst I vaguely remember hearing the news story, the way my family reacted is by far the more memorable bit.
    • Rick methodically entered the data, prepared explanations, and vaguely looked at the virus pattern to see if he could see anything, which was never his specialty.
    • Less vaguely it also wanted to help develop genuinely European companies and measures to improve Europes position in high technology sectors.
    • Contractors are working round the ring mains, which vaguely follows the Bradford Ring Road, in an anti-clockwise direction.
    • A few grooves in a tree trunk, looking vaguely like a face, elevated into being the sacred image of our saviour.
    • "They're better than ever today," he summed up vaguely, and presumably are better still now - whoever they are.
    • She vaguely mentioned something about pursuing another line of work and thanked them for all their kindnesses.
    • He spoke rather vaguely of contacts with directors of rugby to try to obtain time out for the knackered, now and again.
    • Not knowing how our relationship would be interpreted, we had vaguely discussed before leaving Tassie that we should just say we were close friends.
    • The film also vaguely resembles some of Werner Herzog's "documentaries," in the way it blends dramatic fiction with actual truth.
    • It allows the state attorney-general and local prosecutors wide powers to prosecute vaguely defined charges of fraud against those working to sign up voters.
    • Janelle takes no notice of Harold except to vaguely tell him to "look under things," for their clothes, and then goes back to eating her dinner.
    • Elizabeth vaguely recognized some of the faces from the funeral, but not all of them.
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