Translation of valid in Spanish:


válido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvæləd//ˈvalɪd/


  • 1

    (contract/passport) válido
    • The penalty for driving without carrying a valid licence on your person is €80.
    • Although he is an American with a valid passport, he is not allowed entry.
    • The visas will be valid for three months, it said.
    • Previously he had been charged with drug possession and driving without a valid licence.
    • Did the extras bribe their way in at the gate or did they actually have valid tickets?
    • No spectator will be allowed into the ground without a valid ticket.
    • He apparently had 600 hours of flight experience and a valid pilot's license.
    • He arrived in Australia on a valid visa and then applied for refugee status.
    • Without the valid international licence, you must take a multiple choice written test.
    • Currently, foreigners must apply for a work permit that is valid for one year, which may be renewed.
    • All U.S. citizens entering Canada from a third country must have a valid passport.
    • He has a valid work permit and, he said, should have received his green card months ago.
    • The permit is valid for a period of three years with an extension possibility.
    • Any individual or company with a valid prospecting licence can apply for a prospecting permit.
    • To drive your car on the circuit all you have to do is show a valid driving license and you can drive 1 lap behind a safety car.
    • The actor also had a valid U.S. passport and was allowed to depart the country.
    • The visa is valid until 28 days after the completion of the judicial review proceedings.
    • The card which has a distinctive Euro logo is valid for two years.
    • The drivers would also be expected to have a valid driver's licence and a valid public driving permit.
    • She had a pre-paid monthly Metro card valid for standard travel.
  • 2

    (inference/argument) válido
    (excuse/criticism) legítimo
    (excuse/criticism) válido
    his remarks are still valid today sus observaciones siguen siendo válidas
    • that's a very valid point en eso tienes (or tienen etc.) razón
    • Careful readers might even notice there were some very valid points in the article.
    • The only pressure, exerted by me, was to present good journalism supported by valid evidence.
    • The only valid reason for legalising it is that the Government could make more money.
    • Is love the only valid reason for breaking the law?
    • If you do not vote and do not have a valid and sufficient reason for failing to vote, you may be fined.
    • There can be absolutely no valid reason why my countrymen do not take pride in keeping their country clean.
    • Now any pupil who is suspected of playing truant will be asked to produce a note showing they have a valid reason for being away from school.
    • A woman passenger would not accept this as a valid reason for the delay.
    • There are plenty of valid criticisms to be made on both sides during this election.
    • If we were to give these arguments a cursory assessment we may readily accept the conclusion as valid.
    • British agriculture has recently been making the valid claim that its products are of the highest quality in the world.
    • The market demand is steady and there is no valid reason why prices should drop below the level of last week.
    • That's by far the biggest and strongest and most valid criticism of our system.
    • I have found most performers can't differentiate between valid criticism and insane internet gossip.
    • I honestly cannot see a valid argument against legalising prostitution.
    • For the reasons already stated, I cannot accept this argument as valid.
    • Damascus has a valid claim to be the world's oldest inhabited city.
    • Ignorance of the laws is not accepted as a valid excuse in any country.
    • For once, he was unable to think of a reply, since she actually had a valid point in this argument.
    • "See, to me that's not a valid criticism, " he argues.
    • The criticism is valid up to a point, but television channels are a bit like human beings: none are wholly good or bad.