Translation of valuable in Spanish:


valioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvaljʊb(ə)l//ˈvælj(u)əb(ə)l/


  • 1

    • There are some valuable prizes on offer and a good day out is promised.
    • A planning consent for a cottage will be a great deal more valuable than one for stables.
    • But there is a kind of philistinism about regarding books as only having worth if they are old and valuable.
    • Ray's collection could be worth £1m at auction and is so valuable most of it is locked away in a bank vault.
    • Some very valuable items at low prices will be on offer so please come along and give generously.
    • The gold earrings the woman had been buried with were found to be extremely valuable.
    • He said that of the thousands of pounds worth of goods stolen, the most valuable item was his father's solid gold watch.
    • Many Romans viewed the springs as sacred and threw valuable items into the springs to please the gods.
    • Additionally, you may need more home insurance cover if your antiques are especially valuable.
    • You might think that deflation is a good thing, since each year your money will be more valuable.
    • Trade in salt was very important and salt was valuable enough to be used as currency in some areas.
    • One of these extremely rare and valuable bottles will be given out to the winner of the lucky draw every week.
    • The officials should be held accountable for the loss of valuable items from their territory.
    • The wallet which is thought to contain a large sum of money is in good condition and looks valuable.
    • The story was about a child whose hand inadvertently became stuck in a valuable antique vase.
    • Everyone knows that some violins are a great deal more valuable than others.
    • He described his successful trips to small towns where he has picked up valuable antiques.
    • Therefore your cow is a valuable commodity and you need to look after her.
    • Are there valuable antiques hiding at home that could make you a small fortune?
    • To help meet this goal, the committee is offering valuable prizes and awarding prizes more frequently.
  • 2

    (precious, useful)
    (space/resource) valioso
    (time) precioso
    (ally/advice/information) valioso
    • Her examples and descriptions reinforced the most valuable lesson of the election - every vote counts.
    • Nevertheless, the present book is an extremely valuable addition to the literature.
    • In the course of his study, he does offer valuable insights and important corrections.
    • It would also be extremely valuable to obtain real data on the progress of people once they have stopped treatment.
    • I do know they will be interesting people and I'm bound to learn something valuable from them.
    • We learned how valuable market research is to anticipate the demand for a product.
    • Patients are a valuable resource as potential teachers in all stages of medical education.
    • This will allow cricketers to obtain valuable practice on a batting surface all year round.
    • Email may take valuable seconds and minutes away from your rate of productivity.
    • Anthony displays all the characteristics of a truly valuable employee.
    • They found it valuable to listen to others in their group pose their own questions.
    • Eggs, meat and dairy products have lots of valuable nutrients for small children.
    • These mini exams give students valuable experience in answering exam questions.
    • And as with all new experiences, people might subtly and indirectly learn something valuable.
    • Volunteering is a great way to make a difference to the environment but also offers a fun and a valuable life experience.
    • Because of the dominance of the site, more jobseekers are attracted to it making it more valuable to employers.
    • The internet is an extremely valuable resource giving access to the latest research on pain management.
    • The workshop will provide valuable tools to promote excellence in the teaching of psychology.
    • Talking through and revisiting the learning experience with your child is very valuable indeed.
    • I would argue that the way engineering students learn to think is especially valuable.