Translation of valuation in Spanish:


valoración, n.

Pronunciation /ˌvæljəˈweɪʃ(ə)n//valjʊˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    valoración feminine
    tasación feminine
    avalúo masculine Latin America
    to make a valuation tasar
    • She has not provided the Court with any independent valuations.
    • In both cases the purchaser paid a fee to the mortgagee for the purpose of having a valuation of the property carried out.
    • Several valuation methods are in use, each with its own set of potential biases.
    • The price of the improved offer was a full independent valuation of the property assets.
    • A possible example is the valuation of assets by State and Territory utility regulators.
    • They also charge a valuation fee upfront for inspecting the property.
    • In today's conditions a valuation by professional valuers achieves exactly that.
    • Must he obtain professional valuations of all his goods and chattels?
    • After valuation, the owner and experts will decide whether the item should go forward to auction.
    • Some lenders offer dedicated remortgaging services with free legal work and valuations.
    • The valuation fee should not be more than €190.
    • Some insurers will require proof of purchase, such as a receipt, or independent valuations for each declared item.
    • The valuation was carried out by the Scottish Executive civil servants earlier this year.
    • Ask the bank who is an approved valuer on their valuation panel, and get the valuation done yourself.
    • If you have a smaller mortgage it will probably be best if you go for a mortgage that offers a free valuation - if not free legal fees.
    • Probably the easiest way of determining this is to obtain a valuation in writing from a chartered surveyor.
    • Many lenders give incentives to switchers, such as help with valuation fees and legal expenses.
    • Our Government's Valuation Officer will also make a valuation based on prevailing market prices.
    • It is accepted that the Claimant did not provide any independent valuations of the Strip and the Back Land.
    • They were not only shown houses and apartments, but written valuations by supposedly reputable valuers.
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    (value given)
    tasación feminine
    valoración feminine
    • Therefore, those shares with a valuation above the two market averages could be considered to be expensive.
    • Most of these companies come to the market at undemanding valuations.
    • Over time, this brand value supports and enhances the companies' corporate valuations.
    • As the company suffers from such a low valuation, it could also be a target for a takeover.
    • The markets are looking very different now, and valuations have fallen.
    • Your job can also depend on the markets as companies use their valuation and the issue of new shares to borrow capital to expand.
    • Those three companies alone saw £2.4bn wiped off their market valuations.
    • They will be hoping that valuations will improve in the next two years as stock markets recover, analysts said.
    • That could result in a glut of companies on the market, driving down valuations and giving new leverage to buyers.
    • And the public markets simply can't get the same valuations as private equity is paying.
    • Can the stock market be trusted to reflect honest valuations of companies?
    • Shareholders should hold faith now that valuations in the technology sector are starting to rebound, it says.
    • Higher interest rates would well undermine present asset valuations.
    • Once the market really starts picking up, valuations will increase and companies with just one idea and no revenue will look to the markets for support.
    • He said many firms had deferred fund-raising this year in the hope that market conditions and valuations would improve.
    • It's a tough market and valuations are low, however, we have seen no reticence from investors.
    • He says valuations have been hammered by venture capitalists.
    • At the top are several large companies with market valuations of billions of dollars.
    • That was more the story of the bubble years where arguably we did see a number of people come to the market, simply because valuations were sky high.
    • Allowing for the risk factor, both analysts are now suggesting valuations of roughly half their original figures.