Translation of value in Spanish:


valor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvælju//ˈvaljuː/


  • 1

    (monetary worth)
    valor masculine
    to gain / increase (in) value revalorizarse
    • to lose (in) value depreciarse
    • books to the value of $500 libros por valor de 500 dólares
    • insured against loss to a value of $10,000 asegurado contra pérdidas de hasta 10.000 dólares
    • have you anything of value in your bag? ¿lleva algo de valor en el bolso?
    • a painting of great value un cuadro muy valioso / de gran valor
    • he set / put a value of $700 on the vase tasó el jarrón en 700 dólares
    • you can't put a value on human life la vida humana no tiene precio
    • value for money una buena relación calidad-precio
    • all-inclusive value-for-money European tours viajes por Europa a buen precio con todo incluido
    • that's good value (for money) está muy bien de precio
    • Waste can be defined as any material lacking direct value to the producer and so must be disposed of.
    • The appraisal submitted by the plaintiffs estimates the fair market value of this property in March 1991 at $300,000.
    • Page said she's more interested in what she can learn about the books than in their monetary value.
    • Analysts believe the company's true value lies between 45-55 cent a share.
    • Municipalities would set their own tax rates once they had determined the market value of properties in their areas.
    • Each authority will end up with separate contracts and their total value will be worth more than £100m a year.
    • This figure is based on the supposed monetary value of the music files copied, not on actual loss of revenues to the industry.
    • The value of your estate for probate purposes includes the value of any real property less any mortgages on that property.
    • Monetary value and new technology are also subjects seldom touched on in books on art history, and we should welcome their inclusion here.
    • Yes, the artefacts recovered are of historic significance, but it would be foolish to pretend they have no monetary value.
    • Nobody chose to collect anything of great monetary value.
    • Consider this an asset sale, priced at the cost of the estimated market value of the land.
    • Another car buying issue that is of equal importance is the residual value of a car after its purchase.
    • Entire populations of magnificent birds of paradise were murdered for the monetary value of their plumes.
    • Trees can greatly increase the resale value of property, and even save you on energy costs.
    • These are financial instruments that rise in value as the market falls, enabling the holder to make up for losses on an orthodox share portfolio.
    • The total value of the three contracts will be worth in excess of £100 million annually.
    • He could not attach monetary value to the loss caused by the strike as no calculations hade been made yet.
    • Art, on the other hand, seems to have no upper limit of monetary value.
    • If she wins the national award, the total value of her prize will rise to over £25,000.
    • History When a fine wine is allowed to age spectacular changes can occur which increase both its complexity and monetary value.
    • This is not based on the actual market value of the property but on the value given for tax purposes.
  • 2

    valor masculine
    nutritional/educational value valor nutritivo/educativo
    • publicity value valor publicitario
    • I am well aware of his value to the company tengo plena conciencia de lo valioso que es para la compañía
    • don't place too much value on what he says no le des mucha importancia a lo que diga
    • they place a very high value on loyalty valoran mucho la lealtad
    • the information may be of value to the police la información puede resultarle valiosa a la policía
  • 3values pl

    (masculine plural) valores
    a set of (moral) values una escala de valores
    • I'm stubborn as hell and have a very hard time backing down on my values when they're important to me.
    • He said it was important to recognise cultural values as proper elements of ethical behaviour.
    • These markers invoke public consciousness about what values, beliefs, and capabilities people have.
    • We don't have to give up our values, beliefs or principles but we do have to move on.
    • Economic viability is necessary, I'll grant that, but upholding our values is just as important, if not more so.
    • As far as they were concerned, discrimination was simply a reflection of society's values at the time.
    • Indeed, one of the important values which health care professionals have to hold dear is great respect for human life.
    • Today, principled values and beliefs are notably absent.
    • In their pursuit of power, wealth, or sensory pleasures, they can choose to ignore all moral values or ethical principles.
    • I want to talk about the importance of values and culture in public life.
    • I ask my freshmen classes each semester what the most important values are in their lives.
    • But it is really about choosing a set of values, moral standards and a national image.
    • Respect for others is after all one of the most important values to encourage in our society.
    • The ultimate deterrent to all of this is a strong set of moral values, rules and standards.
    • The world, as the rules crashed down around us, began debating the values and principles by which we wished to live and the costs we would accept to live by them.
    • We expect our schools to set standards, impart values and encourage responsible behaviour.
    • In exit polls in about 1 in 5 voters ranked moral values as the most important issue in the election.
    • Every classroom should have been asked to debate the values important to young Australians.
    • Instead, it conformed to a conservative set of values not associated with modern liberalism.
    • Ethics are a set of shared values or moral principles that modify our behavior in social situations.
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    Linguistics Mathematics Music
    valor masculine
    • For numerical simulations, appropriate values of the various quantities must be determined.
    • To explain how the two sides change together, Jim gave sets of specific numeric values for the lengths.
    • Rapidly evolving note values will present issues with keeping a steady tempo.
    • One of the great goals of fundamental physics is to find the reason for the precise numerical values of the constants that appear in the equations that prescribe the laws of Nature.
    • Ways of handling compounds of conditionals have been proposed on the basis of these semantic values.
    • This gives as accurate a value for mass as the accuracy of your measurements.
    • In either case, the reference to neat depends on its use earlier and on its value as a word.
    • Alternatively, we recognize two distinct values of the word-form work.
    • For Saussure the value of words is not intrinsic, nor a function of signification, but is a property of the system.
    • Her style is to take the vibrato from the traditional school and the shortened note values from the HIP aesthetic.
    • To find the value of a decimal place, we divide the value of the decimal place to the left of it by 10.
    • Her coloratura in the Jewel Song was hit or miss - the note values often approximated.
    • Rhythmic values are quarter, eighth and half notes, and only the major finger pattern is used in the first chorale.
    • Suppose that we assign the following semantic values to symbols in the following way.
    • Worshipers are encouraged to be careful about diction, stay in tune, sing exact note values, and avoid forcing the sound.
    • Do the words have a unitary value which is extended in different ways in different contexts?

transitive verb

  • 1

    (business/property/assets) tasar
    (assets/business/property) valorar
    (assets/business/property) avaluar Latin America
    to value sth at sth tasar (/ valorar etc. ) algo en algo
  • 2

    (regard highly)
    (advice/opinions/friendship) valorar
    (advice/opinions/friendship) apreciar
    (freedom/privacy) valorar
    (gift/memento) apreciar
    if you value your life si en algo aprecias tu vida
  • 3valued past p

    (colleague/friend) apreciado
    (friend/colleague) estimado