Translation of vanity plate in Spanish:

vanity plate

placa de matrícula personalizada, n.



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    placa de matrícula personalizada feminine
    matrícula personalizada feminine
    patente personalizada feminine Southern Cone
    chapa personalizada feminine River Plate
    • You can also create a vanity plate with any wording you want, provided it fits the space of the plate.
    • I'd have the absurd satisfaction of knowing that my ordinary-looking plate was really a vanity plate.
    • And whether a Tennessee car owner chooses generic or specialty plates, for an extra $35 she can make it a vanity plate.
    • It's tough getting a vanity plate done in Connecticut; we're very conservative.
    • I'm thinking about getting one of those vanity plates.
    • The robber raced off in a getaway car displaying easy-to-remember vanity license plates.
    • I'm not the type of person to slap a vanity plate on a convertible - which I'd never drive in the first place - and advertise to the world that I am, in my own opinion a bad ass.
    • According to 1998 stats, vanity plates are on about four per cent of U.S. vehicles.
    • Would you believe that people pay a lot of extra money to to buy a house, vanity plate or telephone number just because it had a bunch of 8's in it?
    • The vanity plate dangles from the bumper by a single bolt.
    • They could even make up a vanity license plate for their future car.
    • The sprinter drives a Mercedes Benz with a vanity plate that reads ‘MO-GOLD.’
    • The big battle these days has moved from vanity plates to specialty plates.