Translation of vapid in Spanish:


insulso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvæpəd//ˈvapɪd/


  • 1

    (person/smile) insulso
    (person/smile) insípido
    (plot/remark) sin interés
    (plot/remark) insulso
    • Somewhere through the course of their vapid conversation, she caught my eye and smirked knowingly.
    • The other characters are, without exception, vapid, obnoxious and self-centred.
    • It is not a trait that endears Allen to neoconservatives, who regard him as intellectually vapid and ideologically bland.
    • The whole thing would be hilarious if it wasn't so vapid.
    • She says she loves being a designer - and insists the fashion world is not as vapid and self-regarding as it can seem.
    • These vapid pseudo intellectuals are the problem with today's law schools.
    • In a time of vapid politicians who only speak from pre-agreed scripts, a bit of colour, rank mischief and sharp politics cannot go amiss.
    • It is quite breathtaking to realise quite how rapacious the industry is and how conceited and vapid are its practitioners.
    • It's pretty vapid stuff from the man whom we were all told was the future.
    • The vapid storylines and woeful acting just leave me cold.
    • This bland collection of vapid songs and empty sentiments sounds exactly as you would expect.
    • She seems nice if a bit vapid, staring at him, hanging on his every word, etc.
    • The whole exercise is so intellectually vapid the result is meaningless.
    • The party gained seats, recovering from its winter crisis, but it did so on the back of a vapid campaign.
    • The blonde beauty believes her image as a vapid party girl is completely unfair, as she's always been proud of her classroom achievements.
    • If wealthy people are willing to pay for vapid advice, new-age speak and tips on what not to wear, that is their outlook.
    • I get so angry with the vapid women who fill our airwaves with their cute, giggly soundbites.
    • Sound-bites are often derided, and with good reason - many are dishonest or vapid.
    • Nowadays critics are vapid, passionless creatures who seem increasingly irrelevant.
    • Wilson's interpretations of her work, however, are often vapid.