Translation of variable in Spanish:


variable, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈvɛːrɪəb(ə)l//ˈvɛriəb(ə)l/


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    variable winds (masculine plural) vientos variables
    • The weather was scattered low clouds, light and variable winds, with thunderstorms in the area.
    • Winds will be light and variable and the nights will be misty, with fog patches.
    • The wind was quite variable during the course of the day, with a 20 km easterly tailwind at the start, turning southerly and reducing as the day progressed.
    • In their quest to achieve good results, competitors faced the challenges of not only the large number of boats, but strong tides and variable wind conditions.
    • The variable winds and mild weather last Saturday was perfect for the start of the second round of yacht racing off the shores of Ocean Marina.
    • On another day, light and variable winds, combined with strong tides, affected competition.
    • The ground level winds were variable, but mostly coming from the north.
    • The isobars are more or less concentric and are widely spaced around the centre of the high and thus, in contrast to depressions, winds are usually light and sometimes rather variable.


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    variable feminine
  • 2

    factor masculine
    variable feminine