Translation of variation in Spanish:


variación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌvɛriˈeɪʃ(ə)n//vɛːrɪˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    (fluctuation, change)
    variación feminine
    variation in sth
    • wide variations in temperature were recorded se registraron grandes variaciones de temperatura
    • it can record minute variations in pressure registra hasta el más mínimo cambio en la presión
    • Unexpectedly, a great variety of shapes is obtained by a small variation in the basic function.
    • The survey found that differences of economic status were the main reasons for variations in the happiness level of elderly people.
    • Seasonal variations are slight, though wet and stormy conditions with strong westerlies occur from December to February.
    • Its rationale is that analysing patterns of care will help to reduce the variation in performance among doctors and lead to improvements in the quality of health care.
    • At the moment neither US nor Australian investors are expecting major market variations, so the amount of activity in the options market has declined.
    • These national figures also hide wide variations within countries.
    • The variation about the expected values for total proportion infected and other parameters of interest must also be considered.
    • He also originated the concept of functions of bounded variation and is known especially for his definition of the length of a curve.
    • The organisation says there are wide regional variations in the amount parents will pay.
    • What can we make of the published figures which show such a wide variation in the amounts claimed by councillors?
    • But watch out, even within the European Union, there are variations in how this amount is calculated.
    • The annual release of carbon from soil can vary significantly among years, and this difference is often attributed to interannual variations in climatic conditions.
    • Next, if the scientists are right, there will be greater climatic (therefore social and cultural) variations between the different parts of the UK.
    • However, nothing is known about whether amplitude variations have any functional value in this species.
    • The guide, which sampled prices in more than 1,000 pubs throughout Britain, says it uncovered huge variations between different parts of the country, often for the same product.
    • We recorded variations in body weight weekly throughout the experimental period.
    • Just as all human beings have the same kind of body, with minor variations, so we all have the same kind of mind.
    • We determined each player's weight loss by calculating the variation between body weight before and after each training day.
    • There are clear variations within census regions as well.
    • CCI's report on local government financing found wide variations in the level of commercial rates paid by businesses around the country.
    • We hear different sounds because of variations in the sound wave frequency.
    • "Some sectors will thrive, but there will be huge variations within and between sectors, " he said.
    • In the mass-conserving variation, modulo 3 arithmetic is more useful.
    • The total council tax bill for each parish in Swindon has now been revealed with massive variations in different areas of the town.
    • When these figures are examined at regional level there are large variations.
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    diferencias feminine
    variation in sth
    • regional variation in vocabulary variaciones léxicas regionales
    • there was little variation in opinion hubo pocas diferencias de opinión
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    variación feminine
    variation on sth variación de/sobre algo
    • What's worse is that often a whole slew of them are just duplicates or slight variations of the same piece of unsolicited garbage sent from different addresses.
    • This is a variation on the old argument that women are some sort of civilizing force, and that is why we should be more active in world affairs.
    • Although different cultures produced distinctive variations of an industrial revolution, the similarities are striking.
    • Whereas the radio show, TV show, books and computer game are all recognisably variations on a theme, this is something new and almost entirely unrelated.
    • The first day of class I arrived at the studio room, and found a young man at a drawing table, sketching out different variations of the Walkman ® he was designing.
    • But there probably are many different variations of asthma that have to do with genetics.
    • Even within this strain, variations are seen, and slightly different strains are being seen in the countries affected in this outbreak.
    • The name caused a lot of bemusement, but over the course of his life Dryfess obligingly chose to respond to several different variations of it.
    • Over the course of a year, Milgram carried out 19 different experiments, each one a different variation of the basic paradigm.
    • There have been a number of wedding comedies of late, which tend to be variations on the theme of ghastly relatives, misbehaviour at the reception and pre-nuptial disasters.
    • This exhibition documents the regional and chronological specificity of dress styles, as well as the multiplicity of variations within a single type.
    • All three drugs are variations on the same theme - they are known as PDE5 inhibitors - but with different side effects.
    • Check your documentation carefully, as Barclaycard is testing several different variations of the ‘0% for life’ offer.
    • The Welsh language, as with others, has regional variations, within five miles you can have a different lilt altogether.
    • However, faced with the disruption we have tried three different route variations to get around the roadworks and to keep the buses running on time.
    • For example, Pentium II was released in 18 different variations, including mobile versions.
    • Greg and Pete had been having a variation of this argument for almost half an hour now, and Kobi was rapidly becoming quite bored.
    • The French influence, most apparent in early examples such as Cologne Cathedral, gradually gave way to more distinctively local variations, as in the cathedrals of Ulm and Freiburg.
    • Recently a flutter of books have been published in America which advance different variations of this thesis.
    • With the different variations of UNIX and Linux available, we would require a large number of servers in-house if we did support using traditional methods.
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    variación feminine