Translation of variety in Spanish:


variedad, n.

Pronunciation: /vəˈrʌɪəti//vəˈraɪədi/


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    • 1.1(diversity)

      variedad feminine
      diversidad feminine
      visiting clients gives the work some variety salir a visitar clientes hace que el trabajo sea más variado
      • variety is the spice of life en la variedad está el gusto
      • Digital radio promised lower costs, higher quality and more variety.
      • However, what the restaurant lacks in variety it more than makes up for in quality.
      • The diet has improved in quality and variety, with modern supermarkets offering imported foods.
      • The craving for variety rather than for quality is one of the chief causes of England's being Europe's gastronomic sump.
      • In recent years scientists have been struck by the diversity and variety of objects found in the solar system.
      • The survey found that a lack of variety and poor nutritional quality of foods limits shoppers' ability to eat healthfully.
      • Waterford City has become noted in recent years for the quality and variety of its new and renewed streetscapes.
      • Customers are getting snobbier about their teas and are demanding better quality and wider variety.
      • Concentration of media power in too few hands not only can lead to higher prices for consumers but can hurt variety and quality of programming.
      • With improved packaging came improved quality and variety of meals.
      • This added yet more variety and nutritional diversity to the diet.
      • In Spain, there is now a robust supply of both Moroccan hashish and homegrown marijuana of increasing variety and quality.
      • Visitors said they wanted greater variety and better quality at a reasonable price.
      • The exhibition is aimed at showing the public the quality and variety of Architectural work throughout Ireland.
      • A smaller pool of people can mean less diversity, less variety and less dynamism.
      • Many attendees said they appreciated the quality and variety of exhibitors, lectures and seminars.
      • But more importantly, it probably means we'll see an increase in the quantity, quality and variety of free online content.
      • Unlike me, some people really do prefer uniformity to variety, regardless of cost.
      • A regular festival-goer, he still rates Glastonbury as the best UK festival for both variety and quality of food.
      • The Northern Mockingbird is known and loved for the quality and variety of its song.

    • 1.2(assortment)

      variety of sth
      • the fabric comes in a variety of shades la tela viene en varios colores
      • he helped me in a variety of ways me ayudó de muchas maneras
      • for a variety of reasons por varias / distintas / diversas razones
      • As soon as we had ordered, a young waiter whipped round and plied us with a variety of fresh bread.
      • The popular beauty spot is home to a variety of wildlife including birds and types of bats.
      • The money raised from the carnival will be distributed to a variety of local good causes.
      • There is now a wide range of ethical and green funds operating in a variety of ways.
      • We were hoping to open much sooner, but for a variety of reasons the opening has been delayed.
      • It is five miles from St Andrews and a similar distance from a variety of beaches and scenic towns.
      • The evidence comes, as I have said, from a variety of sources.
      • The panelists generally favored sites that offered the greatest variety of products.
      • She is a good teacher and varies the exercises we do so I have a variety of different things to tackle.
      • His work draws upon a variety of influences ranging from travel to music and film.
      • I now have to buy all my food from Tesco, when I'd rather choose from a variety of shops.
      • Training days will be held during late April and May at a variety of places across the county.
      • Most of us end up with a number of pensions accumulated over the years from a variety of employers.
      • Individuals offered votive gifts on a variety of occasions and not only in times of crisis.
      • Record sales are down for a variety of reasons, and consumers are in open revolt.
      • Sea temperatures are measured in a variety of ways and to varying degrees of accuracy.
      • Stallholders offered a variety of goods and a range of arts and crafts were on display.
      • Instead, there are a variety of different genes which appear to be linked to the disease.
      • However he has had a variety of different roles with a range of responsibilities.
      • Human behavior is especially difficult to study because it can be influenced by a wide variety of factors.

    • 1.3(sort)

      clase feminine
      chicks, but not the feathered variety muñecas, pero de las de carne y hueso humorous
      • Small firms generally come in two varieties: family-run or entrepreneur-led.
      • Our waitress came round with good fresh bread, three or four varieties, then two fresh shell on prawns each to nibble on.
      • One of the world's oldest plants and a magnificent twisted tree are among nine varieties of exotic new plants at Sheffield's Winter Garden.
      • Merlot is Bordeaux's most planted black grape variety, and has been enjoying unaccustomed popularity elsewhere.
      • As a cheaper alternative, the following wines are made by Burgundian winemakers using the traditional grape varieties already featured.
      • In general, more varieties may be grown in the milder climate of southern Missouri.
      • Through it, thousands of Americans were introduced to dance, albeit of the music hall variety.
      • Under the heading of Yorkshire Garden World Pies, with fresh herbs, two varieties were on offer.
      • Early flowering varieties have been blooming for a few weeks and their later flowering relatives will gradually join them.
      • Many people buy soup instead, now that supermarkets stock a wider and more adventurous range of fresh and canned varieties.
      • The apples must be of a variety approved by the appellation, freshly picked (which means no concentrates) and actually grown in the Pays d' Auge region.
      • Today a wide range of fresh varieties such as plum, cherry and vine tomatoes are readily available.
      • The general results indicated native varieties were superior to the foreign ones.
      • The many varieties of guitar that abound in the regional folk musics of Latin America are all adaptations of European models.
      • ‘Mmm,’ I said, munching away at a small slice of the rhubarb pie I'd been obliged to buy in the absence of the apple variety.
      • Several rural and urban working-class varieties of Scots coexist with rural and urban middle class varieties.
      • Municipal bonds come in two varieties: general obligation bonds and revenue bonds.
      • Generally, white varieties of onion are chosen, purely for reasons of appearance.
      • New varieties generally last only five to seven years before they are replaced.
      • School children from across the region have helped Forestry Commission rangers to plant tree varieties including oak, holly and alder.

  • 2British

    (feminine plural) variedades