Translation of vary in Spanish:


variar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛːri//ˈvɛri/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (change, fluctuate)
    the price varies from week to week el precio varía de una semana a la otra
    • the temperature varies between 45° and 47° la temperatura oscila entre 45° y 47°
    • the routine never varies la rutina nunca cambia
    • when do you finish work? — it varies ¿cuándo sales del trabajo? — depende
    • The diving in the Sea of Cortez is unlike that anywhere else in the world because the conditions can vary so greatly from day to day.
    • Symptoms vary over time as a patient passes through different stages of the disease.
    • Suicide rates vary greatly with age, gender and ethnicity.
    • The weather can be changeable, varying between sunshine and snow.
    • The severity and frequency of attacks varies due to the extent of the disease.
    • A strong headwind would favour the heavier Oxford crew, but Hodge said wind conditions usually varied during a race.
    • There are a number of recognized subspecies that vary considerably in size.
    • Having tried lots of different careers with varying success, I've found my vocation.
    • Hay fever symptoms vary in severity and some people find their symptoms are worse some years than others.
    • For one thing, incomes vary widely depending on one's area of residence.
    • Weather conditions during January have varied between Arctic and monsoon but the course has stood up well and all competitions are on schedule with no backlog.
    • Your blood pressure normally varies during the day.
    • Services also vary considerably in size, depending on the nature of their responsibilities.
    • As with residential property, prices vary considerably across the country.
    • At the moment, salaries vary on a regional basis.
    • The weather varied from blowing snow to clear skies and ensured all skiers were put through their paces.
    • Prices vary greatly depending on the time of year and type of accommodation.
    • Reform was not a single, uniform process: its pace and intensity varied from state to state.
    • The diagram below shows how demand for a commuter train service typically varies during the day.
    • They found that the beats of unhealthy hearts did vary more randomly.
    • Network reception for mobile phones varies depending on the area in which you are using the phone.
    • However, the courts can insist that payments vary over time as circumstances change.
    • More exactly, the period over which the star varies is proportional to the star's intrinsic, actual brightness.
    • From this brief survey, it is clear that farming was introduced in different ways, and with varying consequences, in different parts of the country.
    • Do survival rates vary among species, sexes, or habitats?
    • When they do become evident, symptoms vary according to the type and location of the aneurysm.
    • The strategies that victims use to cope with bullying also vary by gender.
    • The German mortgage market is quite fragmented and interest rates vary according to the type of mortgage lender.
    • The interest rates on most regular savings accounts will vary depending on the levels set by the Bank of England every three months.
    • Effects of UV-B and temperature on pigment concentrations varied significantly with leaf age.
    • During the Spring months, the weather during the day varies from cool to warm and is usually cool at night.
    • There is often tinnitus at the same time, which can vary in severity.
    • Within sectors, water use can also vary dramatically depending on management practices.
    • The Direct Line research also shows the most popular home improvements vary by region.
    • Diving conditions vary, but the best visibility occurs early in the season before the plankton blooms of late summer.
  • 2

    (accounts/standards/prices) variar
    showing daily, times vary espectáculos todos los días, horario variable
    • opinions on the subject vary hay diversas opiniones al respecto
    • reactions varied enormously las reacciones fueron muy variadas / diversas
  • 3

    to vary from sth desviarse / apartarse de algo
  • 4varying present participle

    (amounts/conditions) variable
    with varying degrees of success con mayor o menor éxito

transitive verb

  • 1

    (routine) variar
    (routine) cambiar
    (diet) dar variedad a
    • But we shouldn't just eat by reflex: it would be much healthier if we thought about our diets and tried to vary them more.
    • However, the news agency can send different messages by varying the order.
    • Union members are angry at proposals by Stagecoach to vary pay between different depots.
    • As a nice touch, Zoch includes two cork balls with different diameters which varies the skill level of the game significantly.
    • You can burn more calories by varying the pace of certain aerobic exercise.
    • It has been found that instead of practicing one action repeatedly, it is better to vary the action continuously.
    • He is a quick bowler, but at his best when he mixes up the pace and varies his length rather than being obsessed by sheer speed.
    • After a couple of years, he switched to insulin injections, which meant he could vary his diet a bit more.
    • I'll wear each dress time and again, varying the look with different accessories.