Translation of vast in Spanish:


inmenso, adj.

Pronunciation /væst//vɑːst/


  • 1

    (wealth/size) inmenso
    (size/wealth) enorme
    (area) vasto
    (area) extenso
    (repertoire/range) muy extenso
    (repertoire/range) amplísimo
    (knowledge/experience) vasto
    we consume vast quantities of meat comemos cantidades industriales de carne humorous
    • the vast majority of people la inmensa mayoría de la gente
    • vast sums of money sumas astronómicas de dinero
    • All you can see when you get out of the car is this vast flat expanse of grass.
    • The sun came out and poured through the stained glass windows down onto the vast expanse of stone floor.
    • The FBI has suspicions, especially when vast sums of money are transferred from off-shore bank accounts.
    • They have plenty of money and as a result they consume vast quantities of drink.
    • If you fear that vast amounts of personal information will be accumulated you are absolutely correct!
    • The pharmaceutical industry spends unimaginably vast sums on research and development - $30.5 billion in 2001.
    • Unlike your own tiny island, Canada is a vast expanse covering almost every known climatic type.
    • This vast mountainous region is crossed by just two roads which wind their way up to high, windblown passes.
    • You might think this immensely rich company would be satisfied with its vast profits.
    • The car park below is full of imported cars sheltering in the shade of vast satellite dishes.
    • So you have a vast discrepancy between what Ferrari can spend compared to Minardi.
    • Various remnants of the once vast colonial empires are still controlled by European states.
    • The show itself is in a huge exhibition centre, and is on a vast scale.
    • Southward the land drops away to a vast plain suitable for livestock and plantation farming.
    • In this day and age, there is no real need to take vast quantities of cash or even traveller's cheques with you.
    • But the truth is, the vast majority of people would simply not behave in this way.
    • In the gloom across the vast expanse of sand the distant hills awaited the daylight.
    • By half past eleven the vast expanse of Trafalgar Square was already full.
    • Water in the form of ice has been found in vast quantities just below the surface across large areas of Mars.
    • Like the vast majority of parents, they do what they consider to be the best for their children.