Translation of vaunt in Spanish:


jactarse de, v.

Pronunciation /vɔnt//vɑnt//vɔːnt/

transitive verb


  • 1

    jactarse de
    alardear de
    hacer alarde de
    • The economy emerged yesterday as a key battleground in the British general election with Labour vaunting its financial competence while the opposition Conservatives promised hefty tax cuts.
    • And the weather is playing havoc with the much vaunted weather forecasting system here.
    • Many of the books were written by wine merchants, often criticizing the practices of their colleagues, or vaunting their own specialities.
    • The book's dust jacket vaunts this as ‘a masterpiece of modern political biography, written by one of Britain's leading historians'.
    • For all of our much vaunted independence, scratch an American of Anglo descent and you'll find a bit of a Briton.
    • Despite some good moments, her much vaunted collaboration with Jack White doesn't quite do it for me.
    • It contrived to be both firmly capitalist and proudly working-class in character; hand in hand with big business but vaunting an anti-establishment stance.
    • His much vaunted £3 billion investment in automated warehouses did nothing to help product availability.
    • The Barrowsiders would probably be satisfied to put up a good performance against this much vaunted Laois side.
    • So much for the much vaunted transparency and accountability policy.
    • Celtic's much vaunted three-man back line was soon spread out and scared to death by Porto's four-pronged attack.
    • Even the country's much vaunted success in the IT industry needs to be put in perspective, he says.
    • The modern U.S. military is vaunted as an all-volunteer force, but the truth is more complex.
    • Whoever wins the balloting will govern a country whose vaunted economic recovery is starting to fray.
    • I think Howard's much vaunted political antennae may be well out of tune on this one.
    • As a result, his much vaunted pacifism may have to undergo a rethink.
    • There are also few examples of her much vaunted genius.
    • In his first editorial, John Bird wrote: ‘We vaunt nothing beyond the determination that no effort be spared to make the journal a first-class family newspaper.’
    • More than any other area of genetics, then, the beneficial possibilities of gene therapy have been much vaunted.
    • On the contrary, it chose to launch the report with a massive media and public relations campaign vaunting the scope, credibility and prestige of the Commission and its authors.