Translation of veer in Spanish:


dar un viraje, v.

Pronunciation /vɪr//vɪə/

intransitive verb

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    (horse/vehicle) dar un viraje
    (vehicle/horse) virar
    (wind) cambiar de dirección
    the road veers to the left el camino tuerce / se desvía hacia la izquierda
    • the ship veered around el barco viró
    • the car veered off the track el coche viró / dio un viraje y se salió de la pista
    • they veered from one extreme to the other se pasaron de un extremo al otro
    • the party veered even further to the left el partido dio un nuevo viraje hacia izquierda
    • the conversation veered (around) to sex la conversación se desvió hacia el tema del sexo
    • That's when we veered off course and nose-dived thousands of feet.
    • Suddenly something went wrong with her steering, and she veered sharply into the path of one of the convoy's escort trawlers.
    • The researchers noted that the helicopters stayed impressively true to the calculated flight paths, never veering more than 12-inches off course.
    • Suddenly, the helicopter veered from its course and started climbing.
    • Powell, 20, was giving two girls a lift home when he drove too fast on a bend and suddenly veered across the road.
    • They were unaware that the jet had suddenly and inexplicably veered off course.
    • We were on a boat tour when the captain dramatically veered off course, frantically talking on his cell phone.
    • Suddenly the path veered sharply to the right and up the side of the mountain.
    • The island was directly in the path of the hurricane which devastated neighbouring Grenada, but was spared at the last minute when it suddenly veered off course.
    • We traveled eight days along the main road before veering away from our fellow travelers onto a smaller path heading north towards the Silver Crossings.
    • The wind veers far enough to the east to take the boat along the north coast to Islas Margaritas, a pair of vertical rocky islands with a natural arch big enough to take the boat through sideways.
    • The race began in a fresh south-westerly wind, which soon veered to the west and then swung round to the north before virtually dying away altogether.
    • But at the launch an on-board computer cut the rocket's engines when a first-stage rocket failed, causing it to veer off course.
    • At about 12 pm the driver of a blue Renault was travelling into Seend when he lost control of the car and veered into the path of a Land Rover travelling in the opposite direction.
    • At this stage it looks like we'll just get gale force winds tonight (unless it veers to the south), but nothing too destructive.
    • The Subaru then veered across the road and hit a telegraph pole, eventually becoming lodged between the pole and a tree.
    • So we shouldn't be surprised that she veered off course and didn't go the way that we originally thought that she was going to go.
    • She died after her Ford Fiesta was hit by a truck that veered into her path, an inquest heard yesterday.
    • One can veer off the main paths into gorgeous, overgrown woodland areas.
    • Early reports suggest he was running down Bradshawgate when he suddenly veered into the road into the path of the police vehicle, which had its blue lights flashing and siren wailing.
    • After this the path veers right, away from the river.
    • The marker posts lead under power lines to a hawthorn tree, where the path veers right, towards the ridge.
    • As we arrived at the river, the cold easterly gale had veered to a light westerly breeze with a touch of warmth in it, perfect for river trouting.
    • Dusk was gathering over the North Sligo landscape as the plane veered off course from its intended flight to Derry.
    • At sunset, the wind freshened and veered to the north.


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    viraje masculine