Translation of vehement in Spanish:


vehemente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈviəmənt//ˈviːɪm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (denial/criticism) vehemente
    (feelings) intenso
    (feelings) vehemente
    he was vehement in his opposition se opuso con vehemencia
    • Leaders of the coalition are vehement in arguing that cooperation with the social movements should be a cornerstone of any new party.
    • The first of them is an eloquent defence of laissez-faire capitalism, the other is an even more vehement denunciation of it.
    • At the other end of the scale, George Foreman remains the most vehement opponent of this whole enterprise.
    • This prompted some vehement criticism from shareholders in May.
    • Contestabile has been a vehement critic of the controversial law.
    • He was obviously expecting a more vehement denial and was taken aback when I laughed at him.
    • Luckhurst was one of McLeish's most vehement critics during the former First Minister's spell in office.
    • The Uefa elite managers' committee, headed by Sir Alex Ferguson, has long been vehement in its opposition to the proposed changes.
    • He does not mince his words and he is vehement in his condemnation of her quest to have another baby at the age of 56.
    • Despite vehement pleas for a penalty, referee Mr Hoare was unmoved.
    • But it is unusual to hear such vehement attacks on the profit motive of a private company by a right wing media commentator.
    • Robertson issued a vehement rebuttal last night, claiming his comments had been taken out of context and threatening legal action.
    • Stuart Golabek felt otherwise and was booked by referee Craig Thomson for his vehement protests.
    • He was prepared to put aside his vehement opposition to the US because of the help it was providing.
    • Some of the most vehement criticism has come from New York itself.
    • And why did the man who previously enjoyed life in England, suddenly show a vehement hatred of the country?
    • Nowadays, Weldon is a vehement opponent of psychotherapy, but back then she underwent analysis.
    • Their objections grew more vehement when Roberts described how he intended to conduct the inquiry.
    • So it boils down to his word against the vehement denials by the government officials.
    • On the subject of chastity until marriage she is just as vehement.