Translation of veil in Spanish:


velo, n.

Pronunciation: /veɪl//veɪl/


  • 1

    velo masculine
    bridal veil velo de novia
    • to take the veil tomar el hábito / el velo
    • Like Nana's clothed bathing, the veil protects her from invasive gazes.
    • She was entirely covered from head to toe, her hands in long black gloves, her head shrouded in a white veil, with two small eye slits.
    • The school dental service began in 1921-two years later the first dental nurses, dressed in white smocks and veils, marched into schools in Hawke's Bay.
    • Because she was protected by a red veil, Veiel concluded that it was caused by the sun's chemical rays.
    • Women wear long dresses with embroidered bodices and side panels, and tall hats with long white veils.
    • The Monteratsch Glacier spread down from it like a silky, white, bridal veil.
    • My hair was in ringlets, pinned to my head under the gauzy material of a veil, and the dried roses in my hands released the odd petal.
    • Black party hats with veils made of black pantyhose or some other translucent material can also be made.
    • The simple veil headpiece works great with elaborate bridal gowns since the veil does not detract from the overall look.
    • Trembling brush strokes imply human frailty, just as the screen-like haze evokes a veil drawn over more troubled memories.
    • She wore a long, fawn-coloured dust-cloak, a black, close-fitting toque, and a dark veil which concealed the greater part of her face.
    • She wore a newly fashioned gown of shimmering white, a delicate veil and a golden circlet.
    • Despite a gloomy weather forecast, the sun shone, and the very long, winding, narrow lanes festooned with mayflower like bridal veils, were negotiated without meeting any traffic coming the other way.
    • N'gone, El Hadji's new wife, is dressed for a Western white wedding and her face is covered with a bridal veil.
    • It was after the ceremony that the veil was lifted and the groom and bride were able to kiss which is the symbol of a beginning of a physical relationship.
    • A helper was on hand, not to tame the bridal veil but to dispose of the accumulating wrappers.
    • For a dinner of state, like tonight, the dancers were covered in light, flowing material with veils, only their faces showing.
    • Traditionally, the bride wears a white gown and a veil.
    • I gave him a wide eyed innocent stare from under my bridal white veil.
    • It was a caricature of Diedra, in her usual blue and grey shipsuit, but with a white bridal veil flowing behind her onto the floor.
  • 2

    velo masculine
    a veil of mist un velo / un halo de bruma
    • a veil of secrecy surrounds the affair el asunto está envuelto en el mayor secreto
    • to draw a veil over sth correr / echar un (tupido) velo sobre algo
    • It would only disguise qualitative assessment behind the veil of a quantitative expression.
    • Floaters are described by patients as fine dots, veils, cobwebs, clouds, or strings.
    • A glitch at Amazon's Canadian site has briefly lifted the veil of anonymity which protected the identities of reviewers.
    • Tessa was driving, squinting through the veil of rain that obscured all vision not 50 yards ahead.
    • Now we were driving through bleak glens with stunted conifers, gushing ice-melt streams and mist snagged in tattered veils on the crags like the wraiths of lost warriors.
    • If successful, Stardust will become only the third spacecraft to capture such a close view of the dark heart of a comet, normally obscured by a bright veil of dust and gas.
    • I looked up at the beautiful, full moon, partially obscured by a thin veil of mist, and found what I was looking for.
    • Behind them was what looked like a veil of leaves.
    • Ayrshire landmark Ailsa Craig is swathed in a layer of mist, thick enough to maintain a veil of secrecy.
    • He embarked on his trip to the North Pole under a veil of secrecy to avoid any attempt of the ‘prize’ being robbed from him by another solo competitor.
    • The sunset was no longer visible now; the storm had obscured it with its veil of darkness.
    • They were now all crouching just behind a thin veil of vegetation.
    • Unfortunately, the elected representatives are no less prone to abuse power and to enrich themselves behind the veil of ‘official secrecy’.
    • The horse stopped and beneath the veil of leaves, Legacy could see her brother's well worn leather boots.
    • Other maps, drafted in expectation of development, cast a spectral veil of streets over the rural landscape.
    • The veil is a semi-transparent cloth screen worked with a grid of threads, set up between the artist and his subject, which allows him to plot what he sees onto gridded paper or a gridded canvas.
    • He was clad in a black ragged cloak that hung around his body like a veil of darkness.
    • Shame has been the veil through which many of us have viewed our naked bodies at times.
    • The music behind him feels bolder and more courageous, too, as the veil of obscurity that guarded so much of their previous releases has vanished.
    • I found a parrotfish hiding in a cave, debris from its diaphanous veil of mucus wafting back and forth with each slight swell.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cover with a veil)
    to veil one's face/head taparse / cubrirse con un velo
    • the hills were veiled in mist un velo / un halo de bruma envolvía las montañas
  • 2

    (facts/truth) velar
    (truth/facts) ocultar
    (feelings) disimular
    (feelings) ocultar