Translation of vein in Spanish:


vena, n.

Pronunciation /veɪn//veɪn/


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    Botany Zoology Anatomy
    vena feminine
    • The leaves of the plant are rough from numerous stiff hairs while the veins of the leaf have a blackish tinge that produces a characteristic shadowy complexion to the foliage.
    • The most conspicuous symptom is coloration between the main veins of the leaf, which becomes particularly noticeable around veraison.
    • My hold on the blood in her veins, heart, body and mind is too powerful for her to fight; my will is stronger than hers, and I will always be able to bend her to it.
    • The flesh in between the second and third wing veins had been entirely burnt away, leaving a charred hole where the main driving force should come from.
    • It is worse among leaves with prominent veins where small air channels may form between the gasket and the sides of the vein.
    • Just behind the mitral valve, there is a vein called the coronary sinus, a large vein in the heart that normally drains all of the blood from the coronary arteries.
    • Surgery involves a day in hospital, a general anaesthetic and a series of incisions through which the veins are removed from the leg.
    • My body absorbed that ability as well; my veins are internally hardened against acids.
    • You can tell it's a ‘she’ by the relatively thick wing veins and the lack of a pouch-like swelling on a vein on the hindwing.
    • When people are resting supine, the return of blood along the veins to the heart is largely a passive process.
    • The fore and hind wings were similar, with the R vein was bent back at the base in the fore-wings, less so in the hind wings.
    • Details like the veins in the leaves or the contrast between petals are emphasized.
    • Expression was also detected in vascular tissues, leaf veins, siliques, and in pollen sacs.
    • Most plants have leaves with veins that fork outward from a central midrib.
    • Expression was also detected in stamens, in cotyledons, and in major veins of some mature leaves.
    • Each wall in each alcove had detailed plants and flowers, each plant's leaf had carefully carved veins.
    • Then, ‘we have songs coursing through our veins and blood and daily lives.’
    • At an age of about 10 weeks we took a blood sample of 10 l from the brachial vein in the wing.
    • The larvae enter the veins of the portal system and are carried to the liver.
    • Tumor infiltration of leptomeningeal veins, cranial nerves, and spinal roots was also noted.
    • Plants show similar repetitive structures in, for example, the veins on a leaf or a tree's branching limbs.
    • The light, bright green of this insect extends to its four wings, delicate membranes stretched between a network of veins.
    • This puts the full weight of your uterus on your back and on the major vein that carries blood between your lower body and heart.
    • Magnesium deficiency in the soil may be one reason your tomato leaves yellow between the leaf veins late in the season and fruit production slows down.
    • Rarely the tumor may involve the renal vein, vena cava, and extrarenal soft tissues.
    • It is rare to find a simple right lymphatic duct that enters directly into the junction of the internal jugular and subclavian veins.
    • Me, I just wanted to thank him for having a pulse, for the blood coursing through his veins and into mine.
    • Six have previously known effects on wing veins, wing bristles, or wing posture, but none were known to affect wing shape.
    • Blood used for counts of blood parasites was obtained by puncturing a wing vein with a small syringe tip.
    • Unfortunately, none of these will fix or eliminate the damaged veins that hinder proper circulation of blood through the body.
    • True love, it seems, has a nourishing effect; it performs a similar function to the veins which carry enriching blood around the body.
    • Now finally alone in the bathroom of the inn, I look down at my hands, at the veins running under the skin.
    • Blood from all parts of the body returns through veins to the right atrium (grey arrows).
    • The inferior thyroid, and intercostal bronchial, gastric, and phrenic veins provide venous drainage.
    • The veins merge to carry blood to the inferior vena cava.
    • The thickness of transverse sections of leaf blades was determined at small veins for three leaves of each treatment.
    • As his name suggests, if you go back three or four generations, Dundee has both Scottish and Irish blood coursing through his veins.
    • They also boost the strength of the skin's small artery walls, helping to reduce the appearance of broken veins.
    • Nutrients are transported from the roots to the leaves inside the veins in the xylem.
    • The kni locus, while important for the establishment of several wing veins, has not been known to play a role in eye development.
    • The periodical cicada has protruding red eyes and orange legs; adults have clear wings with orange veins.
    • When leaves turn yellow while veins remain green, it's a sign of chlorosis, a condition caused by an iron deficiency in the soil.
    • But when the adrenaline is pumping to your brain, the hot, sticky blood coursing through your veins, who could resist?
    • The measurements were consistently made from the same point of the junction of the wing veins.
    • Leaves (including leaf veins and petioles) were dried at 70°C and ground into a fine powder.
    • Unlike roots or branches, the veins of the leaves are uninsulated; the water would freeze in the cells and burst.
    • The unique wing is a three-dimensional impression with brown-colored veins and pigmentation.
    • Again, this character is curiously labeled because veins cannot traverse across the posterior wing margin in insects.
    • Iron deficiency is characterized by an interveinal chlorosis of young leaves while the veins remain green.
    • They happen when the valves in the veins become weak or break, allowing blood to collect in the veins instead of being carried up to the heart.
    • I felt his lips at my vein, then his teeth, and all I could do was cry.
    • I don't have any evidence, but it seems that many types of humor may in fact generally anger him to the point of bursting a vein or two.
    • The pulmonary veins are big veins that come from the lungs and take the blood from the lungs back into the heart.
    • Although that could be a symptom of the general laziness that was running through my veins today.
    • He beat his wing veins again, his scarlet eyes burning brightly from out his metal skull plating.
    • Such a clot will move to the heart along the main vein of the body, the inferior vena cava.
    • The medical team has been rehearsing the operation using life-size models which not only replicate the babies blood vessels, but show their veins.
    • I'm sure he's also a nice man but beyond that, well, his demeanour and golf game are not exactly designed to send the blood coursing through the veins.
    • The anterior wing margin, delimited by the L1 wing vein, is composed of a triple row of sensory bristles.
    • The renal and testicular veins show many irregularities when the left inferior vena cava persists.
    • The thoracic duct was identified, lying between the right azygous vein and the descending aorta just in front of the spine.
    • Long hairs are situated on veins and glandular trichomes occur both on the leaf surface and veins.
    • Leaf veins branch like a roadmap beneath her tiny body.
    • One leaf disc with known area was detached from each leaf, avoiding major veins and the midrib.
    • One could see the veins in the leaves, the tiny thorns on the stem… it was entirely transparent.
    • In the preparation, how hard was it to figure out which blood vessels, which veins, belong to which of the twins?
    • The wings disappeared and veins showed through its skin.
    • The veins around the anus drain into larger veins that carry the blood through the liver and up to the heart.
    • The renal vein, renal pelvis, and ureter were free of tumor.
    • An aortogram shows opacification of pulmonary arteries, veins and right atrium as well as the aorta.
    • Like all Hudson's best films, My Life So Far has Scottish blood coursing through its veins.
    • The General's veins started to pulse faster, and more violently.
    • The renal capsule, ureter, renal veins, and adrenal gland were free of tumor.
    • The tumor that you see here is my own blood vessels, my own veins, all swollen and tangled, engorged, and mixed together that bulge out like this.
    • If the embolus is in a vein, the tube system widens along the direction of the blood flow, so a small embolus doesn't do much harm until it gets through the heart (after which it enters an artery).
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    • 2.1(of ore, mineral)

      veta feminine
      filón masculine
      vena feminine
      a vein of irony/lyricism una veta irónica/de lirismo
      • Blue cheese is a white cheese with blue veins and a sometimes crumbly interior.
      • He opened them again and concentrated and caused veins of colours from red to purple and white to black dance across the sphere.
      • The floor was a stunning green marble with veins of vivid gold, dotted with massive pillars of white marble that supported a soaring dome ceiling.
      • Irregular veins of white streaked across the forms, adding an almost eerie flare to the smooth stone.
      • He sighed, and traced a vein in the table wood before answering, and it was obvious this came hard for him.

    • 2.2(in marble, cheese)

      veta feminine
      the veins in the marble las vetas / el veteado del mármol

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    (mood, style)
    vena feminine
    in a poetic vein en vena poética
    • in a lighter vein, did you know … ? pasando a algo menos serio ¿sabías que … ?
    • Hank Ketcham's Dennis the Menace was getting popular as a newspaper strip and in comic books so they asked Mayer to come up with something in a similar vein.
    • In a similar vein, transparent quality testing and other compare-with-reality tests can help keep opinions grounded.
    • Songs like ‘I Have Forgiven Jesus’ mine a deep vein of self-loathing that, poignant in his younger self, seems more troubling in a man in his forties.
    • In the same vein as concrete support, fathers responded to the question about help or support they had received by talking about the child care the program offered.
    • In a slightly different vein, the poems also propose an invisibly humble layperson's version of an engaged Zen Buddhist life.
    • He spoke in similar vein to a meeting of generals on 30 March 1941, when, according to the abbreviated record of General Halder, Hitler said.
    • There's a really interesting post in a similar vein on too.
    • It's been argued by aficionados that within Leonard Cohen's melancholic work is a thick vein of comedy.
    • In a similar vein, it is worth asking whether companies really are acting responsibly in withdrawing their investments from developing economies with corrupt governments.
    • A while back we mentioned what was going on with the other London Bridge and in a similar vein we also like keep an eye on developments in Londons that find themselves flung far away from this, their namesake.
    • Young For Eternity follows in a similar vein, crashing thrashing guitars and has us bouncing around the room looking for the nearest tennis racket, or failing that a decent sized mosh pit.
    • In a different vein Abu Tammam wrote most of his verses about historical events.
    • His most characteristic paintings are in an extremely uninhibited and agitated Expressionist vein, with strident colours and violent brushwork applied with very thick impasto.
    • For these operas, Wagner mined the same vein of Nordic myth that J.R.R. Tolkien used a century later for his own Ring epic.
    • In a similar vein, while the weather was good news for some attractions - both paid-for and free - others were badly hit as both visitors and Scots headed outdoors.
    • Unfortunately I didn't watch it, so that's a rich vein of source material for this blog down the drain.
    • In this vein, General Motors has adopted podcasting to promote several of their product lines.
    • Cautious balanced funds in this vein generally outperform zero-risk savings or investments by a significant 2 or 3 per cent.
    • The ads display black and white photos of the party's Legco candidates taken from a video portraying its members in a similar vein to the fictional presidential cabinet in the TV series.
    • Barber contented himself to work in general a rather conservative vein, which owes a lot to Brahms's choral music.
    • It was in a similar vein to the ‘Dear Bill’ letters.
    • Not necessarily as instantly watchable as the now-infamous ‘Wife Swap’, but still in a similar vein of fish-out-of-water scenarios.
    • While arguing a case, the Advocate General, in a lighter vein, said that if income tax defaulters are detained under the Goondas Act, most of his friends would be inside prison.
    • Well, I think he tapped into a vein of discontent among the American people.
    • In a similar vein one can't help thinking most people would be better off forgetting about lifestyles and getting a life.