Translation of veld in Spanish:


veld, n.


Pronunciation /vɛlt//vɛlt/


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    (meseta de escasa pluviosidad en la República Surafricana) veld masculine
    • The Garden is a delight of immaculate lawns and shady trees for picnics, combined with open veld with indigenous grasses, shrubs and trees.
    • Beyond the shops was bare veld; nowadays this is the rundown residential area of Kliptown.
    • The persistent dry conditions in the northern provinces and along the south and east coasts led to numerous fires in which thousands of hectares of veld burned.
    • South Africa's eastern coastal zone has relatively high rainfall, but the western veld tapers into the Kalahari desert.
    • Klipriviersberg, in the south, has 680 hectares of open veld and unspoilt koppies for hiking.
    • Founded during the 1886 gold rush, Johannesburg had grown by the second half of the last century into a Manhattan of tower blocks amid the endless African veldt.
    • Cattle and sheep were grazed largely on the open veld well into the twentieth century.
    • It may not be quite as thrilling to photograph a lion or a zebra in a zoo as it is in the veld of Africa, but you can still make some terrific pictures.
    • The park has three distinct sections of lush green jungle and African-style veldt that look like they came straight out of a National Geographic documentary.
    • A pride of lions on the veldt in Africa will allow a solitary African to pass close by without harm and so will a leopard in a tree, but they will kill hunters.
    • While you're down south, check out Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, a big piece of veld that has traces of Jo'burg's history of early indigenous peoples, going back 500 years.
    • His use of vast unframed canvasses to capture the vibrancy of the African veld, is said to be ‘extremely powerful’.
    • In the west are well-watered hills, rich in iron ore, from which run several rivers to the dry veld in the middle of the country.
    • When the house was built the view north was largely of bare veld.
    • The farm owner said hailstones the size of hen's eggs battered his valuable grazing veld and totally destroyed his crops.
    • Dusk falls across the South African veld and the young men trot on to the floodlit pitch for another evening's training.
    • Five kilometres from the city centre is an indigenous piece of veld of great historical importance to the people of Johannesburg.
    • Scattered amongst the rock kopjes and rolling veldt of the north are memorials to other wars from the region's bloody past.
    • It is a plot of around 20 acres, with veld surrounding the koppie, which is around 80 metres high.
    • Remember that when Baker built this house and looked out over the northern suburbs of Johannesburg he saw veld and rocks, and not a single tree.