Translation of vendetta in Spanish:


vendetta, n.

Pronunciation /vɛnˈdɛtə//vɛnˈdɛdə/


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    vendetta feminine
    a gangland/political vendetta una vendetta entre gángsters/políticos
    • to carry on a vendetta against sb hacer una campaña en contra de algn
    • How many wars have been started over ancient animosities and vendettas?
    • Some had relatives killed or humiliated by US troops and are pursuing a clan vendetta.
    • To reveal the offense would mean dragging his family into an obligatory vendetta.
    • The Roma family was forced to leave their homes after a bloody vendetta in the Nov Put neighbourhood in Vidin on June 16, which left two people dead.
    • It was already alleged that I was pursuing a vendetta against him.
    • That deadly combination has let loose a wave of vengeance killings, tribal vendettas, mercenary kidnappings and thievery.
    • Furthermore the claimant was not motivated by a desire for vindication, but was pursuing a vendetta.
    • On the Shomali plains north of Kabul, the families of two commanders have been pursuing a vendetta for years.
    • Every family cultivates its vendetta; every clan, its feud.
    • Police surmise the man was led to the area and was killed there by rivals over a business conflict or a personal vendetta.
    • In short, the 1915 Mistake Creek murders were the result of a ruthless vendetta between Aborigines over a woman.