Translation of venerate in Spanish:


venerar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛnəˌreɪt//ˈvɛnəreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • It is in your nature to be worshipped and venerated by those around you.
    • Of all the saints venerated by the French in the nineteenth century, Mary was the most prominent.
    • She has been one of the most venerated saints of the modern era.
    • Today, pilgrims travel to Sergiyev Posad to venerate the saint's relics, and 300 seminarians study theology there.
    • In effect, her job was simply to be Dawn Fraser, be inspiring to all those young Olympians who had grown up venerating her name.
    • Saint Susanna has been venerated primarily in Rome, where she has a church dedicated to her.
    • His body was later taken to Whitby abbey, where he was venerated as a saint.
    • Creation's magnificence leads us to such foundational religious concepts as respecting the stranger, venerating God, and so on.
    • And everyone knows also that Sinn Féin, to the extent that it is separate from the IRA, not merely respects but venerates the military wing.
    • Hinduism asserts that all ways of belief are equally valid, and Hindus readily venerate the saints, and the sacred objects, of other faiths.
    • I think about that as I watch hordes of people venerating the body of John Paul.
    • So, who were those multitudes venerating the relics of St Therese in Ireland last month?
    • Paintings on each column bordering the central nave depict saints who were venerated in medieval times.
    • While venerating an iron milepost we were persuaded by a couple of local ladies to try the pub.
    • The all-rounder held him to be his most talented student; in turn Duleep venerated him.
    • Broadway is a strange beast: a Medea that kills its young while venerating the venerable.
    • A Ladahki monk who had been venerating the statue picked his way past the ladies as if through a patch of thistles.
    • They worship and venerate their own, but turn on players of the other side.
    • Poland is the only country in Europe outside France herself where Napoleon is still venerated as a hero.
    • Big corporations tend to treat venerated logos with deep respect.