Translation of ventilate in Spanish:


ventilar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛntɪleɪt//ˈvɛn(t)əˌleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (mine/room) ventilar
      well/badly ventilated bien/mal ventilado
      • Flammable liquids should be kept in approved metal containers in a well ventilated location.
      • Your average busy bar accommodates a couple of hundred people in an enclosed and poorly ventilated area.
      • The building was evacuated as two teams of two fire fighters entered the building to clear up the spillage and ventilate the factory.
      • Each room is ventilated separately from the other toilet rooms.
      • All three office buildings were mechanically ventilated without humidification.
      • In the meantime we are advising schools to ensure rooms are ventilated.
      • Remember to use any sprays or chemicals in a place that is well ventilated.
      • In conventionally ventilated rooms, bacterial counts were consistently high and were not significantly influenced by OR attire.
      • In damp, warm, poorly ventilated areas, surface mold often develops on wooden parts of buildings.
      • Never use any paint stripper in a poorly ventilated area.
      • The naturally ventilated buildings are adjacent to several busy streets in a commercial zone.
      • When working with contact cement, make sure your work area is well ventilated.
      • The building is entirely naturally ventilated, with fabric, structure and skin tuned to control the internal environment.
      • Once the 800 degrees was reached, the building would be ventilated.
      • They also had to smash a number of windows in the chapel to ventilate the building.
      • Every part of the living area is properly ventilated, with each room given a huge opening that enhances a sense of spaciousness.
      • Their laboratory was three mechanically ventilated office buildings.
      • The control group was maintained in a similar chamber ventilated with filtered air.
      • Eighty percent of the building is naturally ventilated.
      • As a payment he got my old gas fire, for which my front room is not adequately ventilated.

    • 1.2

      (blood/lungs) ventilar
      artificially ventilated con respiración asistida
      • Animals were ventilated intermittently to peak pressure at a respiratory rate of 20 breaths per minute.
      • Initially the lungs had to be ventilated artificially.
      • In Brazil, 55 % of patients mechanically ventilated for acute lung injury died.
      • Each animal was artificially ventilated, and the mechanical respiratory properties of the mouse were measured.
      • A sterile, second airway is needed in this instance to ventilate the lung.

  • 2

    (argument/subject) ventilar
    (subject/argument) airear
    • It is not as if the issue had not been ventilated in the evidence, it was that counsel was stopped from addressing on that issue.
    • The issue needs to be ventilated, but it takes a lot more than holding a summit.
    • I will not read it out, but it is the question which has been ventilated today.
    • By the same token, my friend would be able to ventilate all issues that pertain to the merits of the proposed amendment.
    • Her erstwhile colleagues in Cabinet report that Ms Short was never timid about ventilating her opinions.
    • The question was well and truly ventilated that there was, in fact, a loss and it was up to his Honour to quantify it.
    • It sounds as if this issue has not really ever yet been fully ventilated and decided in the way in which you have described it to me.
    • Your Honours, neither of the points my friend has sought to ventilate in this Court were raised before the Court of Criminal Appeal at all.
    • And I think there are a couple of issues that really deserve to be fully ventilated.
    • Our submission is that it was just never ventilated, it was never discussed.
    • A lot of opinion has certainly been ventilated this week on the working practices of the travel industry.
    • The matter I was about to raise is that the question of whether the bargain was fair was not ventilated except in this way.
    • Over the next few days I plan to really ventilate the issue, to open up for discussion and so on.
    • There remains only one matter, your Honour, which we did ventilate on the last occasion.
    • It is also a remedy in public law for safeguarding public law rights and for ventilating public law issues.
    • Many of the main allegations have been well ventilated already but that did not take away from their impact.
    • Because of the brief way it was led and the way it was thus cross-examined, that issue was not ventilated at any length.
    • Well, in our submission, your Honour, they choose to have this issue ventilated at the highest level.
    • So that issue and the facts which would underpin that issue were never ventilated in the Tribunal.
    • ‘We are aware that the issue has been ventilated by an e-mail campaign,’ his spokeswoman said.