Translation of venue in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈvɛnˌju//ˈvɛnjuː/


  • 1

    (for event)
    the venue for tonight's recital is Ely cathedral el recital de esta noche tendrá lugar en la catedral de Ely
    • there's been a change of venue se ha cambiado el lugar donde se celebrará (or tendrá lugar etc.)
    • venues: Boston, NY City lugares de actuación (or presentación etc.): Boston, Nueva York
    • the match will be played at a neutral venue el partido se jugará en campo neutral
    • the venue for the Games la sede de los juegos
    • Hopes that a listed barn could become Essex's newest wedding venue have been dashed.
    • The organisers are scrambling to find an alternative venue for the event, which will draw competitors from 30 countries.
    • Nine temporary flight restriction areas around various Olympic venues will be established.
    • Can the public rely on you when you are so irresponsible you can't even find a venue for a meeting?
    • A glass court will be erected in an area that is a popular concert venue.
    • A brand new entertainment venue in Wyre has been unveiled with a glittering gala opening show.
    • One of the city's most popular live venues is taking a different route this year.
    • A campaign has been launched to provide a new arts venue in Bradford on Avon.
    • All great sporting venues have their own distinctive group of fans.
    • Other small live music venues just withered on the vine.
    • The hall is also an ideal venue for meetings, concerts and other social and cultural gatherings.
    • Some of its more prestigious venues have included a manor house in Castle Combe.
    • The picture will now form part of an exhibition of close-up science images which will tour venues around the country.
    • Last week Chicago Rock, voted the premier entertainment venue in West Wiltshire, held its first birthday celebrations.
    • By the 1990s, the Capitol had again established itself as one of the city's most popular entertainment venues.
    • Fire inspectors who visited the venue in the town High Street said the practice breached health and safety regulations.
    • The Cathedral will provide a very suitable venue for a concert by the Kilkenny Gospel Choir.
    • The winner will also get a support slot in Holborn Street live music venue on the night of their choice.
    • The political thrust of the new event is to encourage the creation of more live music venues in the city.
    • Scotland's bid to become a key conference venue and build more hotels is paying dividends.
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    territorio jurisdiccional masculine
    jurisdicción feminine