Translation of verge in Spanish:


borde, n.

Pronunciation /vəːdʒ//vərdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1British (border)

      borde masculine
      • The flat verges were littered with seaweed and plastic flotsam.

    • 1.2

      to be on the verge of sth
      • to be on the verge of chaos/ruin estar al borde del caos/de la ruina
      • a species on the verge of extinction una especie en grave peligro de extinción
      • we are on the verge of an agreement estamos a punto de llegar a un acuerdo
      • she was on the verge of tears estaba a punto de ponerse a llorar
      • to be on the verge of -ing estar a punto de + inf
      • they were on the verge of giving up hope estaban ya a punto de perder la esperanza

  • 2British

    (of road)
    arcén masculine
    • The complex of ranch buildings spreads across a grassy verge above a tumbling creek.
    • People also got out in November and planted thousands of daffodils along the road verges.
    • The roadside verges and hedgerows also came in for favourable comment from the judges.
    • Fortunately, in those days, roadside verges were clear of overhanging tree branches.
    • These days the Trace is a bitumen road, grass verges neatly manicured and mowed for mile after funereal mile.
    • In north Norfolk we are used to the dramatic appearance of a Barn Owl as it hunts the road side verges searching for small rodents.
    • It's a wooded area with quiet roads and grass verges, a perfect spot to walk dogs.
    • Overgrown grass verges will be cut back after councils backtracked over the service.
    • The Escort was being driven south along the 30 mph stretch, when it mounted a grass verge alongside the road.
    • One of the options is to put double white lines down which would preclude people from parking on the road and the grass verges.
    • Over 45 sites were tackled this year including road verges and loch sides.
    • At one point, an eye-witness saw it throw up dirt and grass from the nearside verge.
    • I climbed over the safety barrier and sat on the grassy, hilly verge to wait.
    • Ray Darcy was responsible for cutting the road verges and hedges on the approach roads to the village.
    • If we don't cut the grass verges, no-one else will.
    • This happened on a straight, single-lane gravel road with a grass verge.
    • What sort of machine is used to cut the grass verges?
    • Their car hit the nearside verge, and came to rest in the middle lane.
    • Mr Hocaniuk, 24, broke hard and steered to avoid the collision, ending up on a grass verge by the side of the road.
    • The dog, nicknamed John, appeared on the grass verge by the side of the road in the main street through the village.