Translation of verify in Spanish:


confirmar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛrəˌfaɪ//ˈvɛrɪfʌɪ/

transitive verbverifies, verified, verifying

  • 1

    (doubts/fears/theory) confirmar
    (doubts/theory/fears) corroborar
    her suspicions were verified when she found the letter confirmó sus sospechas al encontrar la carta
    • No one went through the statements from Ms Cosgrove in an attempt to verify her allegations.
    • Ms Amin verified her witness statements and answered some additional questions in chief.
    • He has provided two witness statements and has verified the truth of the Particulars of Claim.
    • There was filed as Exhibit 10 the application verified by statutory declaration.
    • This week, the US Supreme Court upheld an appeal court ruling that verified the original District Court verdict.
  • 2

    (details/fact/statement) verificar
    (details/fact/statement) comprobar
    • And he or she can easily verify what he is claiming is true or false.
    • No scientific and independent sources have so far verified the claims of either side.
    • However, there was no way to independently verify the identity of the men killed and arrested on Saturday night.
    • The model results were subsequently verified experimentally, and others are readily testable.
    • The results were also verified by Northern blot analysis.
    • Also verify what level of software support is purchased.
    • We have experimentally verified the utility of the microscope dynamic light scattering imaging technique.
    • The integrity of the new constructs was verified by DNA sequencing.
    • All runners are then scanned before each race or sale to verify their identity.
    • Absence of the wild-type gene was also verified by PCR at this point.
    • Cameras and recorders are in place to verify who actually catches the million dollar ball.
    • Why should one take on faith any tenets that haven't been verified by personal observation or experimentation?
    • Another scientist pointed out that this study verified what many other studies had found.
    • Although widely accepted in public, the discoidal structure has not been verified experimentally.
    • What's great about technology today is that you can verify who they are pretty fast.
    • They are the ones who made a poor decision based on insufficiently verified claims.
    • He did not participate in its preparation and did not verify its accuracy.
    • Distance gap and projected time gap data will be verified here using a similar rationale.
    • They don't have to verify the authenticity of documents provided by job applicants.
    • Consider the statement that the only valid knowledge is that which can be empirically verified.