Translation of verity in Spanish:


verdad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛrədi//ˈvɛrɪti/

nounPlural verities

formal, literary

  • 1

    verdad feminine
    the eternal verities las verdades eternas
    • To quote the eternal verities of the Muppet Show: ‘It is at times like these that I am proud to be an American Bald Eagle.’
    • This year, the principle will be treated as an eternal verity.
    • They argued that discussion led to verity and gave enlightened public opinion the force of law.
    • Are you sometimes concerned about the verity of what you read on the internet?
    • One often hears the comment that each new generation rediscovers the eternal verities.
    • In a world where all nonrelativistic truth has been abolished, the relativity principle itself is proclaimed as a universal verity.
    • Teshigawara inhabits a world of eternal verities.
    • The theme of her remarks as she opened the new synod concerned the challenges of staying true to unchanging verities in a world of constant change and new challenges.
    • Cynics will charge that these are the eternal verities of political classes everywhere.
    • Do these remnants pledged to eternal verities have any prospect of succeeding with contemporary children?
    • We must remind ourselves of what Faulkner called ‘the old verities and truths of the heart’.
    • David, the meticulous neoclassicist, insisted upon the verity of his work.
    • The timeliness and verity of this admonition is not arguable.
    • The deal is, he writes better stuff, but I'm more prolific, thus illustrating the eternal economic verity: Quality.
    • In fact, a case can be made that the Internet in general represent the new Truth Police in an era of increasingly elusive verity.
    • I'm not sure I agree with my health warning, below, but who am I to doubt the verity of an internet quiz?
    • No, we need something that will * really * get the Church in touch with the eternal verities for which contemporary American culture stands!
    • To those of us who have not forgotten the eternal verities, he has summed up perfectly today's pundit herd of Washington and Wall Street.
    • Their over-educated leader, Mr Mugabe, illustrates perfectly the verity of an ancient proverb: much learning does not teach sense.
    • The author looks at the different issues and technologies affecting time, and concludes it is the most important of the verities.
    • And once that kind of liberal verity of free speech seems to be under threat, then the commentators come out and criticism rains down.
    • You are full of enthusiasm for the eternal verities - life is worth living, and then out of sinful curiosity you open a newspaper.
    • The others challenged the eternal verities of the West, and the critics hated them.
    • The unspoken underlying verity was that there were no residents of Abu Hishma who would voluntarily turn them over.
    • Yet with The Quiet American, Noyce aims at verity, not controversy; he seeks admission, not outrage.
    • She's no nostalgia merchant for the musical Luddites, and it's not just the eternal verities of soul music that Jones traffics in.
    • I imagine Winthrop and myself in these respective roles and almost choke on my drink at the ludicrousness but strange verity of the thought.