Translation of verse in Spanish:


verso, n.

Pronunciation /vərs//vəːs/


  • 1

    verso masculine
    poesía feminine
    blank/free verse verso blanco/libre masculine
    • before noun verse drama teatro en verso
    • in verse form en verso
    • Both he and Frost advocated the use of natural diction, and of colloquial speech rhythms in metrical verse.
    • I remember reading the following verse in one of my workbooks at primary school and having to memorize it.
    • Think about taking away the net and writing some blank verse with some metaphors in it.
    • The caricature was accompanied by doggerel verse which used Mr Tolley's name and extolled the virtues of the chocolate.
    • But I don't want to suggest that Martin writes merely a serviceable blank verse.
    • Among the pioneers of free verse, D. H. Lawrence stands out as one who, though gifted in metrical verse, is happier without meter.
    • For a comprehensive list of German hexameter verse, see Bennett 180-93.
    • All Gunn's early verse rhymed - he was the most Appollonian of the 50s poets.
    • Johnson never claims, when writing Latin verse, to be writing formal verse imitation.
    • The second verse is composed in your head between the second and third stations of your trip.
    • The language is mostly the quaint island patois - not the stuff of verse drama.
    • Her stories, told in nonsense verse, are fast-paced with a rhythm that carries through its pages.
    • The only way to write poetry is to begin by writing verse.
    • Robert Frost once classed poetry that way, free verse against formal verse.
    • Should rhymed verse be translated in English rhyme?
    • Johnson uses all of these devices in writing his Latin verse imitations.
    • They began writing in iambic pentameter, or in some other " respectable " verse form.
    • Haiku originated as a simple verse form used to entertain the Japanese upper class.
    • She wrote well and often corresponded with friends in doggerel verse.
    • The upsurge of early printed verse translations makes public a large and rapidly distributed body of foreign-born poetry.
  • 2

    • 2.1(short poem)

      verso masculine
      rima feminine

    • 2.2(stanza)

      estrofa feminine

    • 2.3also verse line

      verso masculine

    • 2.4(in Bible)

      versículo masculine
      • In a short work like this we cannot examine all the verses in the Bible which refer to the devil and Satan.
      • We choose to treat some verses of scripture as having more authority than others.
      • It is the shortest verse in the whole Bible: those two words in the English language - Jesus wept.
      • A later search uncovered detonators and a tape containing Koranic verses.
      • I'll take a scripture verse from the Bible and I'll share it with a guy.
      • These moments draw on and return to a practice entrenched in evangelicalism: the use of Bible memory verses.
      • Koranic verses were recited, with the phrases passing from group to group.
      • An evangelical justification for the physical discipline of children goes deeper than a few isolated verses in the Bible, however.
      • My eyes scanned the page until I found the third verse of the first chapter.
      • Also among other tapes one was found in Arabic containing Koranic verses dedicated to teaching.
      • We have many different such divisions ranging from what would be long verses to chapter style divisions.
      • Some verses in the Bible imply that snow is a negative force, while others indicate that snow is a positive one.
      • Rachel enjoys memorizing Bible verses and reciting them each week and playing games with her friends.
      • It recounts, in twelve expansive books, a story line that occupies only a few verses of the book of Genesis.
      • Listen quietly in your heart and see if an encouraging phrase, or a Scripture verse, or a specific action starts to impress itself upon you.
      • Inside the box, there is some candy and a heart-shaped eraser with a Bible verse attached to it.
      • Although the verse refers to a judge, the rationale applies to anyone in a position of public trust.
      • Is there a single verse of the Scriptures that teaches us Christ came to bring us to Heaven where we no longer can sin?
      • Some 21 calligraphic panels of Quranic verses are also on show.
      • He opened the Bible to John and read the first two verses.