Translation of verve in Spanish:


brío, n.

Pronunciation /vərv//vəːv/


  • 1

    brío masculine
    to sing with verve cantar con brío
    • her music/writing lacks verve a su música/a lo que escribe le falta brío
    • Its fire, intellectual verve and occasional fanaticism are almost unique in British journalism.
    • The problem is that none of Piggins' performance verve and energy makes it onto the CD.
    • The band have verve, youth and vigour and their ebullient style puts me in mind of The Monkees until I listen to the lyrics.
    • The jathis were in perfect harmony, and executed with energy and verve.
    • With verve and vigour, they hold on to their ideal of delivering the message of peace.
    • I wrote an introductory e-mail to farms all over Quebec describing my fervour and verve.
    • Names should always be designated with verve and panache and Scotland, it turns out, has plenty of both.
    • We commend the work of Jyllie in particular for her drive, verve and persistence in organising the parade.
    • This balletic score received a performance filled with rhythmic verve and brio.
    • In an overwhelmingly male milieu, the diminutive Borda added verve and vigour.
    • With clarity and verve, he drove home the timeless message of the Gita.
    • Each number has energy and verve, with more emphasis on songs and arrangements than jazz content.
    • She was a young woman in her 20s who sparkled with creative verve and obvious good taste.
    • The major parties have performed all right, but there's no excitement, no verve and no spirit.
    • The design captures the spirit, character and verve of Chinese culture.
    • The group from Kolhapur in Maharashtra, to perform before Hyderabadis, was full of verve and vigour.
    • Sure, there were film songs sung with verve, dances and a skit, and games for children scampering around.
    • Teenage girls have passione and verve and the chutzpah to do anything and wear anything they want.
    • Here, in other words, is a nightmare vision of a world without originality, verve, spirit or love.
    • Maybe we all have an inner desire to ascend towards the heavens with grace and verve.