Translation of very in Spanish:


muy, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛri//ˈvɛri/


  • 1

    she's very tall/clever/fat es muy alta/inteligente/gorda
    • was he upset? — very ¿estaba disgustado? — mucho
    • it was very hot/cold hacía mucho calor/frío
    • are you hungry? — no, not very ¿tienes hambre? — no, no mucha
    • it was very wrong of me to interfere estuve muy mal en entrometerme
    • I'm really very, very sorry de verdad lo siento muchísimo
    • you know very well what I'm talking about sabes muy bien a qué me refiero
    • Brittany, like other regions of France, has a very rich and distinct history which is all its own.
    • But my memory of disagreements is balanced by how very quickly they always made it up.
    • It was very tense, especially when we went a goal behind in the first half.
    • Lettuce, be it red or green, smooth or crinkly, germinates very quickly and is soon ready to eat.
    • However, it is plain that the Statute requires a very high degree of specificity.
    • The cars come down this road very quickly and we have seen quite a few accidents.
    • This is something that you learn quite quickly and is very easy to exploit if you want free technical support.
    • We reorganised and realigned very quickly and eventually there was nowhere for England to go.
    • The numbers became very large very quickly but I would keep going quite a while.
    • Life is very busy and extra commotion in the background annoys me more than anything.
    • It was a bit strange really, and very frustrating especially as we had a chance to get something from the game.
    • The crystalline state is one in which there is a very high degree of internal order.
    • He did very poorly in his degree and had to settle for only a pass degree.
    • Many seas are tideless, and the waters of some are saline only in a very slight degree.
    • People seem to take the idea of Kevin Bacon, and his Six degrees, very seriously.
    • Despite a good lap on wet tyres it dried very quickly and he was pushed down to eighth position.
    • Attacks on anyone who opposes these organisations quickly become very personal.
    • She sensed someone moving very quickly after her before she was hit from behind and had her bag snatched.
    • A new form of ultrasound scan can show foetuses at very early degrees of development.
    • There has been a very high degree of co-operation between everyone involved in this case.
    • Twelve months is a long time and has seen two very significant developments.
  • 2

    very much
    • thank you very much muchas gracias
    • did you enjoy it? — yes, very much indeed ¿te gustó? — sí, mucho
    • he's very much his mother's favorite es, con mucho, el favorito de su madre
    • very well muy bien
    • I couldn't very well refuse ¡cómo me iba a negar!
    • The truly posh very rarely have much to do with this, so it tends to be the upper middle class vs the utter plebs.
    • The Colombians were having a bad time of it, and so began to play a very dirty game indeed.
    • Booking tours is a very difficult endeavour, especially without a label backing you.
    • Sofia looks very dirty from the bicycle and at the same time is so interesting, he says.
    • Was it really credible that such a significant proportion of a very small community were dealers?
    • This is a very unusual and unusually complex method of storytelling and The West Wing makes it its own.
    • Both women made significant but very different humanitarian contributions to the war.
    • The port is still at the heart of Hamburg, and this is very unusual for a modern city.
    • I didn't see the accident but it is very unusual for a horse like Lorenzo to have just taken off like that.
    • Those of us who stayed at home to mind the Yew trees last weekend endured a very unusual few days.
    • Claire was only 31 at the time and it's a very unusual illness in someone so young.
    • Trees are so important for all the reasons outlined but they are very significant in two other ways as well.
    • These had already suffered very significant setbacks and rode out last week's storms.
    • The two Bobby Vans are very distinctive and have the name painted on the sides.
    • We are talking here about very significant numbers of houses, probably more than we can cope with.
    • Yorkshire and especially Bradford must be very proud of this wonderful caring celebrity.
    • This represents excellent value for money for a very unusual piece of football memorabilia.
    • James, especially, took it very badly when he told them how useless they were.
    • It was a dark, deep chocolate truffle with a very distinct bite of fresh black pepper.
    • José was wearing very distinctive clothing and would have stood out in a crowd.
  • 3

    did you do it all on your very own? ¿lo hiciste tú solito?
    • the very next day precisamente al día siguiente
    • the very same day el mero día
    • I did the very same thing myself yo hice exactamente lo mismo
    • it's the very least I can do es lo mínimo / lo menos que puedo hacer
    • at the very most/least como máximo/mínimo
    • nothing but the very best solo lo mejor de lo mejor
    • I've seen a lot of movies, but this is truly one of the very best I could ever hope to see.


  • 1

    (exact, precise)
    for that very reason por eso mismo
    • at that very moment en ese mismo momento
    • this is the very spot where I found it fue aquí mismo / en este preciso lugar donde lo encontré
    • that's the very one I wanted ese es exactamente el que yo quería
    • ah! the very person I wanted to see! ¡ah, justo la persona a quien quería ver!
  • 2

    (absolute, extreme)
    it's at the very bottom of the pile está justo en el fondo del montón
    • right from the very start desde el primer momento
    • right in the very middle en el mero centro
    • she's at the very peak of her career está en la cima / cúspide de su carrera
    • in the very heart of the jungle en el corazón mismo de la jungla
    • at the very most (in an extremity, at the most) como máximo
  • 3

    its very existence is threatened su misma existencia se halla amenazada
    • not Joe Altman? — yes, the very man (himself) ¿no dirás Joe Altman? — sí, el mero
  • 4

    (mere, sheer)
    the very mention of her name la sola / mera mención de su nombre
    • the very thought of it makes me furious me pongo furioso de solo pensarlo
    • walk out without paying? the very idea! ¿irnos sin pagar? ¡cómo se te ocurre!
  • 5literary

    (utter, veritable)
    very God Dios de Dios
    • the veriest scoundrel el sinvergüenza más grande