Translation of vest in Spanish:


chaleco, n.

Pronunciation: /vɛst//vɛst/


  • 1US

    chaleco masculine
    before noun vest pocket bolsillo del chaleco masculine
    • A traditional tuxedo is worn with a bow tie and a vest or cummerbund.
    • He was dressed in a loose shirt, a vest, trousers and brown boots.
    • He pulled a notepad from his vest pocket, and flipped it open.
    • Fran was wearing long sleeves and a vest, which covered her muscles.
    • Men in urban areas wear a felt or fur-trimmed hat, a short vest with sleeves, trousers, and a robe.
    • The only decent thing he wore was the sturdy red vest, almost a sleeveless jacket, with black embroidery at the neck and arm holes.
    • Altair reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a stained, frayed handkerchief.
    • Dad's knitted vest will have to be finished next week.
    • Men typically wore trousers and a tailored shirt under a vest or coat.
    • It consisted of a plaid, pleated skirt, a white blouse, a sweater vest, and a blazer, as well as a tie, and knee highs.
    • She quickly changed into her uniform, which consisted of a white blouse, a short gray pleated skirt and a vest, and a matching gray jacket.
    • After a couple of outfits, Sara decided on a sleeveless leather vest and a loose wrap skirt and broad belt.
    • In order to stay cool, Harris recommends that workers wear an undershirt beneath the vest.
    • We found a vintage clothing store, and I bought a vest that I will no longer wear.
    • He put on one each of the vests, jackets and sunglasses, removing his own jacket to do so.
    • He settled on a conservative gray jacket with a darker vest beneath it.
    • He was very recognisable by the exotic and flamboyant clothing he wore - a deep red vest without sleeves with a clashing orange shirt underneath.
    • This pattern gives you two unique looks in one sporty vest or jacket.
    • Instead of a stage and chairs, I found a bounty of discarded hats, sweaters, shirts, vests, pants, wigs, and costume apparel covering the floor and hanging on coat hooks.
    • Above the navy skirt, she wore a white collared, long-sleeved blouse and matching blue knit sweater vest.
    • He had short black hair and wore a black vest, dark jeans, and a long gold necklace with a pendant.
    • They go with everything, look good with a sun tan, can be used as vests under shirts if the weather turns cold and can be slipped on over a swimming costume if the sun gets too strong.
    • Eight vests, six stretchsuits, two cardigans, and one shawl or all-in-one coat are the bare essentials.
    • The following items are needed: Warm socks, vests, underwear, toiletries Christmas cakes, boxes of biscuits, sweets, warm underclothing for men and warm blankets.
    • Keep your outfit neutral but use colour in a top, vest or camisole or with a fabulous scarf or chiffon shawl.
    • Detectives have appealed for information about a male jogger wearing a blue vest and black tracksuit seen running in the area.
    • The major contributions include vests, warm undergarments, warm socks and toiletries.
    • Either way, the revolution that is Secret Support will doubtless make life so much easier and is available in a range of vests, bodies and t-shirts in a variety of colours and fabrics.
    • The more knowledgeable spectators in the crowd were able to pick out each club runner by the colour of his vest, almost the athletic version of train-spotting.
    • His children, two young girls, are running in and out of the spray in vests and knickers.
    • She wears a sparkly top, not a boyish vest, with her jeans.
    • Val changed into her dress with the discreet vest underneath.
    • I wore identical stuff to the first audition - faded jeans and a black vest.
    • After he dropped the bomb, soldiers ordered him to take off his vest and jeans, to ensure he had no other weapons on him.
    • This week, many of the women are seemingly bra-less, or wearing strapless tops, vests, etc.
    • She drifts on stage dressed in high-street chic: faded denim and a tracksuit top, which she slips off to reveal a pink camisole vest.
    • Another wore Bermuda shorts, a vest and sunglasses, and rode a surfboard just a few streets away from Wall Street.
    • He wore a beige shirt and trousers and a white vest under his shirt.
    • I stripped off my dress and pulled on a pair of pyjama bottoms and a vest, before climbing into bed.
    • The appeal is now in its final week and priority should be given to the gift donation of vests, warm undergarments, toiletries and socks.
  • 2British

    camiseta feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to vest sb with sth investir a algn de / con algo formal
    • he was vested with special powers fue investido de / con poderes especiales
  • 2

    to vest sth in sb conferirle algo a algn
    • the authority vested in a judge la autoridad conferida a un juez