Translation of vestibule in Spanish:


vestíbulo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛstəˌbjul//ˈvɛstɪbjuːl/


  • 1

    (of building)
    vestíbulo masculine
    • These might have been placed in the entry vestibule or in the small reading room situated at the center of the exhibition.
    • Father walked with them to the vestibule and put an arm around each of their shoulders.
    • Downspouts from the main roof deliver rainwater to a rooftop garden over the entry vestibule.
    • A vestibule behind and to the left provides access to the building's interior at grade, in effect a bridge over this sunken area.
    • When Caleb could no longer hear his footsteps ascending the staircase outside the parlor, he rested the poker against the mantel and turned back toward the vestibule.
    • By the time we leave around 1pm, they're backed up through the vestibule into the snow on Spring Street.
    • He stood in the small vestibule locking the door to his office for the night.
    • The interior finish has been largely retained, and is complemented by an entrance vestibule and 24 ft reception hall with hardwood flooring.
    • She made it a point to rearrange donated canned goods in the outer vestibule to insure that Jimmy's heard her enter.
    • The last monk paused in the vestibule and looked back at Ford and Travis.
    • The main room was a rectangle with various antechambers and vestibules branching off down its length.
    • Similar to an air-curtain in a vestibule, it eliminates infectious agents from anyone entering the room.
    • Access is from the entry foyer via transition stairs and ramped vestibules that also act as gallery spaces.
    • The public entrance penetrates the knuckle between the angled wing and the auditorium leading to a vestibule that gives access to the concert hall foyer and promenading space at ground level.
    • The project spanned two years and includes not only the kitchen and family room, but also a reworked living room and vestibule.
    • The trio rounded the end of the shelves and saw a crouched form behind the stone archway that made up the division between the vestibule and the main hall of the library.
    • If you had walked into the living room from the vestibule, the painting would be on the wall facing you.
    • These elevators should ideally be protected by a pressurized vestibule from the elevator lobby or direct access to the stair from the elevator lobby if a vestibule is not feasible.
    • Over the entrance vestibule is a chapel with priest's chamber.
    • Visitors entered through the Octagon Hall also known as the entrance hall vestibule.
  • 2US

    descansillo de paso entre vagones
    • He did not apologize, put down the step stool or offer to help put our hand carries in the vestibule.
    • Just as a conductor got near us, he had to go to the vestibule once more.
    • We got to ride while standing in the vestibule at the end of the train talking to the crew.
    • Why else, then, do I hang out in the vestibules of trains, when a comfortable seat is at hand in the car behind me?
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    vestíbulo masculine