Translation of vestige in Spanish:


vestigio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvɛstɪdʒ//ˈvɛstɪdʒ/


  • 1

    vestigio masculine
    the vestiges of an ancient civilization los vestigios de una antigua civilización
    • there's not a vestige of truth in his story no hay ni un ápice de verdad / ni rastros de verdad en lo que dice
    • It was good to have somewhere to go where there appeared to be a vestige of sanity, and River never made him feel unwelcome.
    • One more twist is required to help this far-fetched plot attain a vestige of credibility.
    • For this flood, ministers have produced not a vestige of proof.
    • This group are filthy in their habits, without a vestige of discipline, and are cowards to a degree.
    • Like all myths, there is a vestige of truth in the caricature.
  • 2

    rudimento masculine
    • Modern science see's this gland as an anomaly, a useless vestige from our ancestors with no known purpose.
    • The ‘splint bones,’ far from being useless vestiges of evolution, play an important role in the horse's leg.
    • Such a statement implies that the appendix represents a vestige of an organ with a former greater existence in the evolutionary sense, rather than in an earlier stage of its development.
    • They receive these signals through a specialized organ in the nose, vestiges of which still exist in humans.
    • Sprouts were distinguished from primary stems by the trace of an inflorescence and by the difference in the age of the shoots, which could be determined by counting the number of bud scale vestiges.