Translation of veto in Spanish:


veto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈviːtəʊ//ˈvidoʊ/


  • 1

    (power to ban)
    veto masculine
    the right of veto el derecho de / al veto
    • to have a veto tener derecho de veto
    • to use / exercise one's veto ejercer el veto
    • to invoke a veto acogerse al / invocar el derecho de / al veto
    • Unfortunately, President Carter's battles with Congress over legislative vetoes alienated many members.
    • From his words, other popular commentary at the time, and the actions of the earliest presidents, an image of the veto emerged as a constitutional tool intended for rare use.
    • Three members of the Security Council with veto powers - China, France and Russia - have all expressed opposition to the proposed resolution.
    • If accepted, DUP proposals would subject ministerial decisions to a veto by no more than thirty Assembly members, a situation not followed elsewhere.
    • The council has some powers, but the US proconsul, Paul Bremer, has a veto over its decisions.
    • It had its own assembly and militia, the power of veto over federal decisions and control of education and other public services.
    • I submit that part of the reason for that has been the ongoing existence of the veto in the Security Council.
    • Governments can also refer decisions they oppose to the European Council, where again they can apply the veto; and they can opt out of decisions when they wish to do so.
    • In all countries but one, more people favour than oppose the idea of giving the UN Security Council the power to override the veto of a permanent member.
    • At a time of constitutional reform, the provision giving the Prime Minister a veto of high-level appointments obviously cries out for change.
    • Clearly the present set-up gives the five major powers on the Security Council a veto on any decisions taken by UN member states.
    • Mandela called on world leaders, especially those with vetoes in the UN Security Council, to oppose him.
    • In some circumstances it has a veto on legislation.
    • He will retain an effective veto over all government decisions through the establishment of a National Security Council, over which he will preside.
    • I can't recall a stupider proposal than a bill that was recently introduced to give Congress a veto power over Supreme Court decisions.
    • Britain also sought Swedish support at the recent Nice summit in defence of its national vetoes on tax and welfare policies.
    • In 1983, the Supreme Court stunned Congress by declaring that the legislative veto was an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers.
    • From this perspective, the U.S. Senate has a veto over treaties negotiated by the executive, and constitutional courts have a veto over legislation.
    • Unless something changes, he will be the first full-term president in 175 years not to have exercised his Constitutional veto power.
    • When it comes to conflicts of interest among states holding veto power, the Security Council is incapacitated.
  • 2

    veto masculine
    prohibición feminine
    to put a veto on sth vetar algo
    • Few people want children - or, for that matter, anyone else - to have veto power over the decisions that parents make.
    • Now we don't have to really divide or to make vetoes on people.
    • The Cardinal had tried to impose an immediate veto on all contacts with the media.
  • 3also veto message

    (in US)

    exposición de las razones por las que se ha ejercido el derecho de veto

transitive verb

  • 1

    (proposal/measure/bill) vetar
    his wife has vetoed smoking in the kitchen su mujer ha prohibido que se fume en la cocina