Translation of vexed in Spanish:


irritado, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈvɛkst//vɛkst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(annoyed)

      (tone/expression) irritado
      to be vexed estar enfadado Spain
      • A fairly large crowd had gathered, including even Peter, who looked both vexed and worried at the same time.
      • He certainly did get more annoyed and vexed than other people seemed to, when things didn't quite go his way.
      • Something that makes me surprised, astonished, vexed and angry is that there are persons and gangs year after year who appear to have a kind of license to cheat foreign tourists.
      • With that Cheni sighed in frustration, vexed at having him not be able to understand him.
      • Retyping the name and checking the spelling, Velsen got frustrated and was quite vexed at the computer.
      • As his voice trailed I became more irritated, vexed at how he refused to answer me, let alone really pay attention to me.
      • I was actually mad at this new French boss - miffed, annoyed, vexed - about getting promoted.
      • She was starting to feel a bit vexed and it displeased her greatly.

    • 1.2(worried, puzzled)


  • 2

    (subject/issue) polémico
    (subject/issue) controvertido
    the vexed question of … el polémico / controvertido tema de …