Translation of vibrant in Spanish:


vibrante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈvaɪbrənt//ˈvʌɪbr(ə)nt/


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    (lively, exuberant)
    (color) vibrante
    (emotion) a flor de piel
    (emotion) vehemente
    (atmosphere) efervescente
    her vibrant good health su radiante salud
    • vibrant reds and blues rojos y azules vibrantes
    • The place is always jumping and the energy is vibrant.
    • They also add a vibrant colour creating a beautiful and welcoming workspace and home.
    • Bright and vibrant colours, made popular in children's bedrooms, are seeping into the rest of the house.
    • His pallet had matured and his striking but subtle contrasts in tone and colour are vibrant.
    • It's 10 in the morning and Joanna is overflowing with vibrant energy, enthusiasm and charm.
    • Colours are bright and vibrant, with deep blacks and glossy whites.
    • And his eyes were a bright vibrant blue that sparkled in the sunlight.
    • If the school is thriving, overflowing with vibrant young energy then it's a sure sign the community is too.
    • All the cafes are donned in vibrant colours ranging from purple to lime green and yellow.
    • Half of Turkey's population is under twenty and modern Istanbul is witness to the energy and vibrant lifestyle of this new generation.
    • When I first met her she was bubbly and vibrant and full of life.
    • The Indian area to the west of the city is vibrant and busy.
    • I had never seen such picture clarity, or vibrant colours.
    • When he went in he was vibrant, full of life, but when he came out he was a ghost.
    • Though amateur theatre in the Garden City has been more vibrant and active compared to other places, it has not been constant.
    • The vibrant, cosmopolitan city and surrounding area of San Francisco leaves visitors spoilt for choice.
    • The internet is alive and vibrant and full of amazing people.
    • That is why the Indian media - in all their manifestations - remain alive and vibrant and full of surprises.
    • New York City throbbed with a vibrant energy, just as it always did.
    • Who knew the rave scene in Kitchener-Waterloo could be so vibrant and full of life?
    • To all those around him he seemed happy, vibrant, and full of life.
    • The sun crawls above the curvature of the land bringing bright and vibrant colours, seen like they were intended to be.
    • The colours are bright and vibrant, blacks are deep and glossy, and shadow detail is very good.
    • The vibrant colours of pink, blue and white, decorated with floral patterns, represented the arrival of spring.
    • The recipe calls for red and yellow food colouring to give it a more vibrant colour.
    • The painting of the Church was completed on Monday last, it certainly looks very striking with its new vibrant colours.
    • Life for them is one cloudburst of colours and in those vibrant hues they have found a renewed zest for life.
    • I believe Basingstoke can continue to be successful, vibrant and full of positive action.
    • The first thing that had stoped her was the vibrant colour of blue.
    • Rush allows the photos to evolve into a physical manifestation of vibrant colour.
    • The colours are vibrant and bright, although coloured lighting is overused in many areas.
    • Our job is to ensure that Malton and Norton are vibrant and full of vitality.
    • It was magical, everything was so vibrant and colorful, full of life and energy.
    • There's a lot of vibrant, creative energy here and it's building up.
    • Crisp white linen show off the robust flavours and vibrant colours of truly Italian food.
    • A vibrant democracy requires the fullest possible participation of its citizens and we urge our readers and their clients to vote.
    • The director says that he has always been inspired by the vibrant energy of the youth and the charm of campuses.
    • Colours are vibrant and detail is sharp, but prints may smudge if handled while wet.
    • Colours are bright and vibrant and show off the scenery to advantage.
    • It was a bright vibrant red colour, not thick, but mercifully not thin either.
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    (voice) vibrante
    (voice) sonoro
    (tone) vibrante
    • The greatest part of the whole disc is the production and mixing which sounds alive, vibrant, and urgent.
    • The samples on their albums sound fresh and vibrant, not like the tired and clichéd samples so many rappers resort to.
    • A woman lies writhing on the floor in a provocative outfit as vibrant music with strong influences from the Middle East plays in the background.
    • Sound is also vibrant and active, making use of multiple channels for character voices and some ambient noise.
    • His voice was a vibrant, almost magnetic bass, and seemed to reverberate within the very rock wall of the cavern.
    • He was barely recognizable, not the same slightly distorted but nevertheless vibrant voice over the phone.
    • Her voice was vibrant and rich as before, but with a strange seriousness that she had not expected.
    • And what was it about the experiences of blacks in Britain that led them to create such vibrant and path-breaking sounds?
    • After the meditation, sounds of vibrant percussion ensemble filled the air.
    • Rarely does one hear sound as vibrant and keenly phrased as Ma's at a dance concert.
    • The audience was reminded of what communication and vibrant sound we had missed when they gave a terrific, short Stanford encore out the front.
    • It is a surprisingly strong mix, sounding rich and vibrant throughout.
    • His voice once bouncy and vibrant was shattered and only left as melancholic gutterals that could barely be deciphered as speech.
    • The perkiness of her French-Canadian accent resonates in Seripop's vibrant work.
    • The concert concluded with a cool, jazzy Latin American number, resonant and vibrant for the whole ensemble.
    • Basically, they had laid down their stage act on tape, so no wonder the sound is so vibrant and alive.
    • It all sounds unbelievably vibrant in DTS, as if the musicians are performing live in your family room.
    • The influences are fast and furious, yet the sound distinct and vibrant.
    • His intonation is excellent and his voice is vibrant and robust throughout the entire tenor range.
    • It all sounds vibrant, as if the listener had just walked into the best smoky bar in the world and the house band knew her exact mood and thoughts.