Translation of vibraphone in Spanish:


vibráfono, n.

Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪbrəfəʊn//ˈvaɪbrəˌfoʊn/


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    vibráfono masculine
    • Beneath it, there's a sense that the ever-present vibraphone and glockenspiel are tapping out a secret language.
    • Don smiles, enjoying the moment as Tom arranges music on four separate stands ready for the chase around the mallets, timpani, marimbas, vibraphones and celesta that he knows will test his agility, his practised facility.
    • It contains more than 40 drums, gongs, a vibraphone and seven-feet marimbas to name but a few.
    • They take centre stage among a small eclectic ensemble of instruments, including two Hammond organs, electrically amplified violin and vibraphones.
    • Moore has a guitar, Cline has a guitar with some effects pedals, Gustaffson has a saxophone, a clarinet and a flute, and Winant has a drum kit, a vibraphone, and some various percussion.
    • The rest of the mix, however, is a bit more jazzy and quirky, blending piano, flute, organ vamps, vibraphones, and some basic samples.
    • In almost every song there is an acoustic element of either guitar, piano, horns, or vibraphones present in the mix.
    • Real drums drop some real groove, vibraphones vibe, and for the most part, I find it very easy to label this ‘modern jazz.’
    • For the other soloists, flute, clarinet, cello, Xylorimba, marimba and vibraphone, we have all of these in the Orchestre de Paris, played by instrumentalists chosen from the best soloists in France.
    • The vast orchestra includes almost everything that tinkles, jingles or bangs, even bells, a vibraphone and a windmachine, as well as women's voices without words.
    • Prop is a unique conglomeration of vibraphones, marimba, synthesisers, drums, percussion and bass guitar - a tuned percussion group with a rhythm section.
    • He also learnt to play the vibraphone, saxophone and percussion instruments.
    • A marimba also is essentially a set of wooden bars, while the glockenspiel and vibraphone involve metal bars.
    • Tape loops, samples, piano and the odd vibraphone take these songs away from the usual acoustic fare in favour of quirkier, yet still emotional, folk pop.
    • ‘Maybe we'll have some congas and bongos, marimba and vibraphones, a bass drum, cow bells - perhaps a Chinese gong,’ she said, thoughtfully.
    • He began playing the guitar and cuatro at 14, and later mastered the vibraphone and the harmonica, which became one of his signature sounds.
    • Mr. Herman sits surrounded by 20 percussion instruments, including two timpani, vibraphones, glockenspiel, chimes, cymbals and sleigh bells.
    • Found sounds, guitars, vibraphones, 8-bit synths and analogue drum machines are brushed vigorously with cut and paste pyrotechnics, exploding aurally with a pretty pop rather than colourful starburst.