Translation of vibration in Spanish:


vibración, n.

Pronunciation /vʌɪˈbreɪʃ(ə)n//vaɪˈbreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of membrane, string)

      vibración feminine
      • In conventional superconductors, atomic vibrations induce the electron pairing.
      • In conventional superconductors, vibrations of atoms induce electrons, which normally repel each other, to form pairs.
      • However, advocates do not necessarily identify energy or vibrations with radiation or electromagnetic fields, as Abrams did.
      • Sound waves create mechanical vibrations that can be transformed into electrical energy that is added to an audio signal.
      • In this technique, the vibrations of electromagnetic fields are transferred to the motions of electrons in a gas of atoms.

    • 1.2(of floor, machine)

      vibración feminine
      • There is a bulkhead styled like a helicopter and underfloor hydraulics to recreate the sickening vibration of one.
      • This instance was not the first time that man-made construction vibrations were a concern for the tower.
      • I have to say I am mighty impressed by its rumbling vibration, even though it was only used as part of the orchestra.
      • Stand very still and you might just be able to detect the vibrations rumbling through your body.
      • Although there is an existing foundation near central services, rumbling equipment and noticeable vibrations from the nearby boiler house are problematic.
      • The dual action stepper for aerobic exercise, the rowing machine and the vibrator belt for giving vibrations to the abdomen are a few of the different machines available in the market.
      • Additional equipment was used to generate soil vibrations in playback experiments.
      • In some instances unforeseen vibrations or overload conditions may develop to cause failure.
      • Deaf children are astonished when they start to feel the vibrations of a wide range of instruments.
      • The two things most likely to kill a hard drive before it has completed its expected life are shocks and vibrations.
      • Although the drums themselves don't make much noise, I do worry about the vibrations of the bass drum travelling through the floors and walls.
      • Other rodents probably process the seismic vibrations when they are converted to airborne sounds in the burrow tunnel or chamber.
      • As soon as the flaps are extended and you start down, you will be conscious of a slight vibration or buffeting.
      • The whole universe is also vibrating at a certain vibration per second.
      • However, the level of vibrations decreased after flaps used to slow the aircraft were raised.
      • Increased vibration is not what is needed on an already bumpy track.
      • The parks and pavements of Jo'burg will soon reverberate to the drum beating and foot stamping vibrations of traditional music, the funky sounds of jazz and the melodies of choral singers.
      • I had a well balanced car until a flat spot on my right front tyre caused terrible vibrations which eventually led to the suspension failure.
      • Here, electrical signals are transformed into vibrations that generate sound.
      • However, no attempt has been made to find the solution during the transient state of vibrations when the machine is either started or switched off.

  • 2vibrations plural
    informal, dated

    vibraciones feminine informal
    • With plenty of good vibrations, soul and spirit, this year's Festival is sure to garner some new fans, which is exactly what Hayden and Deen are hoping for.
    • The positive vibrations of group prayers, he said, helps develop emotional integrity and strengthens relationships.
    • When you heal, positive vibrations surround you even if you don't realize it.
    • To avoid the cards absorbing disturbing vibrations or energies wrap them in a black cloth, silk if you can afford it, and put the wrapped cards in a box.
    • The impulses to move are triggered by the deepest reverberations or vibrations in your body, as explained by the prana of Indian traditions and qi in the East.
    • Further, your mental state sets up vibrations in the ether which will color your environment and attract similar energies.
    • And all the while I was absorbing the inner atmosphere and being blessed by the Gods themselves as electric vibrations would come forth from the temple and flow through my body.
    • We'd appreciate it if you'd all join us in that endeavor and keep emanating those good vibrations because they help more than you know.
    • The atmosphere of the cottage was thick with uneasy vibrations, and as she ascended the staircase, they grew stronger.
    • The best way I've ever found is one that can take a little time, and start the vibrations that will follow into the ritual area as the circle is drawn.
    • In addition to communication during courtship and reproduction, vibrations can transfer information among social groups, including sibling groups.
    • One guess is that dolphins emit healing energy vibrations.