Translation of vicarious in Spanish:


indirecto, adj.

Pronunciation /vʌɪˈkɛːrɪəs//vəˈkɛriəs//vaɪˈkɛriəs//vɪˈkɛːrɪəs/


  • 1

    he gets a vicarious pleasure from it indirectamente le proporciona placer
    • And, as is usual with such productions, all the screen tests were telecast as reality television much to the vicarious pleasure of 24 million households across the country.
    • Not to be outdone, television channels too have lined up romantic films for couch potato couples or for the majority who watch these movies to get a vicarious experience of falling in love.
    • Not much fun for him but a blast of nostalgia for people who used to live there and take a vicarious pleasure in virtual revisiting at a distance.
    • You have a wide circle of devoted buddies and admirers, and you take vicarious pleasure in their successes and accomplishments while inspiring your friends with your own passion for life.
    • I didn't have any fellow Sox fans with me to enjoy the game with, after all, and I'm certainly highly-evolved enough to value real experiences with friends over vicarious ones with strangers.
    • His wife realises they're onto a money spinner and people are soon queuing to experience vicarious fame.
    • The chief pleasure of any competently made romantic comedy is the vicarious thrill of experiencing the mutual, inevitable attraction between the leads.
    • Situated somewhere between written and spoken language, interviews combine the vicarious pleasures of eavesdropping with the virtuous pursuit of edification.
    • As well, tens of thousands of Australians personally involved with this national tragedy are experiencing vicarious trauma, and are bewildered by the continuing inhumane actions of our government.
    • And in the process, children become drawn increasingly into the lures of play, of vicarious and sensational experiences far more preferable than work.
    • Yet, curiously, it is a secondary, indirect, and vicarious experience.
    • To begin with, we receive vicarious pleasure in observing the celebrity fulfil our wishes to act in relative freedom of neurotic and societal restraints.
    • The uninhibited pleasure the various characters take in eating only adds to the reader's vicarious pleasure.
    • Empathy and familiarity with someone gives rise to a vicarious capacity to experience his responses, a kind of second nature.
    • Today, the topics of interaction tend to be vicarious experiences manufactured by and mediated through one of the major channels of pop culture, be it television, radio or print.
    • A book like it provides a vicarious emotional experience that can be tremendously valuable in helping teens navigate the transition to psychologically mature, healthy, integrated adults.
    • But you can give your mates a good time they could not possibly have had before, and that gives you vicarious pleasure.
    • If there's an experience you really want to have, then all you have to do convince the world they should support you in this expedition, and that your report will give them a vicarious experience worth having paid for.
    • As interested onlookers who take no vicarious pleasure at all from this kind of thing, we will naturally be the first to bring you the scores the moment they are announced.
    • By identifying with the characters in the book, children enjoy vicarious experiences without having to run any risk.