Translation of vice president in Spanish:

vice president

vicepresidente, n.


  • 1

    vicepresidente masculine
    vicepresidenta feminine
    • Lula has chosen as his vice president a rich businessman belonging to a neo-liberal party.
    • They may vote for the president, the vice president and senators, or even stand for election.
    • Bank resources are managed by an executive president, assisted by three vice presidents and 500 professional staff.
    • The Assembly will now choose a president and two vice presidents, who in turn pick a prime minister and cabinet.
    • The Presidential Records Act of 1978 governs the official records of presidents and vice presidents created or received after January 1981.
    • I see now that the voice of a company is not limited to top level executives, vice presidents, and public relations officers.
    • The president will name two vice-presidents who come from different ethnic groups and political parties.
    • Usually the only two elected members of the Executive are the president and the vice-president.
    • The RCPE is administrated by a president, two vice presidents and a 20-member Council who are chosen on nomination.
    • Once elected, the parliament will then elect a president and two vice presidents.