Translation of vicissitudes in Spanish:


vicisitudes, n.

Pronunciation /vɪˈsɪsɪtjuːdz//vʌɪˈsɪsɪtjuːdz/

plural noun


  • 1

    vicisitudes feminine
    avatares masculine
    • If there's a common thread running through Payne's films it is a strong sardonic sense of humour through which characters embrace life's vicissitudes.
    • He took refuge in booze and the beginnings of drug availability, and was headed, if not for catastrophe, at least for significant vicissitudes.
    • If they speak to women readers of their personal vicissitudes in a way that is helpful, if they offer incantations for women to use in time of trouble, so much the better.
    • This contrast underscores the insulation which the Indian economy had enjoyed from the vicissitudes of world capitalism.
    • It is possible there may have been several vicissitudes of changes wrought upon the same part of the Earth.
    • This was partly because, prior to these decades of vicissitudes, the early modern traditions were well established.
    • However, such were the vicissitudes of English fortunes that the link with wealth was far more complex than King and Defoe appeared to recognize.
    • These are the vicissitudes of all life forms, including humans.
    • Once again we see how the fortunes of modern European science intertwined with the vicissitudes of colonial expansion.
    • If that isn't an antidote to the vicissitudes of life, then what is?
    • He is as sharp a chronicler of the vicissitudes of love as he ever was.
    • Prevailing orthodoxy is that children are psychically frail creatures who require constant protection to cope with life's vicissitudes.
    • Governments cannot protect citizens from all the circumstances and vicissitudes of life.
    • Yet the singer grew up watching what those did to her divorced parents, and has since seen her brother grappling with the vicissitudes of celebrity and fleeting chart success.
    • Perhaps nothing can demonstrate the city's vicissitudes better than the changes of its landmarks.
    • Mick seems typical of those noble people, the ethnic Irish in Britain, who retain a love of Ireland and face life's vicissitudes with a smile.
    • In any event, Malley began playing open stages, where crowds enthusiastically applauded her take on the vicissitudes of love.
    • The concern for security was also a major point when I moved in three years ago (more on its vicissitudes later).
    • Their crass intrusion into these areas as the face of public authority claiming to protect women from the vicissitudes of interpersonal strife is destined to end in disaster.
    • No matter what fate threw his way - war, the vicissitudes of commerce, the long arm of illness - Jim lived every day as if it were his last.