Translation of victim support in Spanish:

victim support

ayuda a la víctima, n.


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    ayuda a la víctima feminine
    apoyo a la víctima masculine
    • Dozens of employees from the police, CPS, witness service and victim support moved into Athena House, in Kettlestring Lane, in March.
    • Plans to raise cash for victim support schemes by adding a surcharge to fines for fixed-penalty offences have sparked outrage.
    • ‘Such pressure could come from parents, boyfriends, policemen, prosecutors, rape crisis centres and victim support counsellors,’ he said.
    • Humberside Fire Brigade's emergency service offers victim support for those suffering the traumatic aftermath of a fire.
    • They are also available for use by groups such as victim support, citizen's advice, Keighley College, Bradford social services and others.
    • Doctors hope that the conference will lead to better partnerships between the police, the CPS, courts, health services and victim support agencies.
    • The multi-agency body is made up of representatives of the police, probation service, council, victim support, housing associations, disabled groups and others.
    • Victims will now report crimes at community centres, victim support offices and area housing offices for centre staff to record details.
    • Plans for a £5 surcharge on speeding tickets to fund victim support services came under fire last night.
    • Services will include victim support and citizens advice, and it will offer links with statutory bodies such as Bradford Council, the fire service, the health authority and the youth service.