Translation of Victoria Day in Spanish:

Victoria Day


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    (in Canada)
    el lunes anterior al 24 de mayo, en que se conmemora el nacimiento de la reina Victoria
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    • If a non-qualified employee is not asked to work on Victoria Day, he or she gets the day off with no pay.
    • Students research the history and current status of Victoria Day in Canada, including why the people of Quebec do not celebrate this holiday.
    • The Victoria Day Weekend is traditionally the kick off for summer in Canada.
    • Before Victoria Day became a national Holiday, people had celebrated Empire Day, beginning in the 1890s as Victoria approached her Diamond jubilee in 1897.
    • So we were high and dry for Victoria Day.
    • Shown below are just a few of the fun Victoria Day Trips and areas to explore.
    • In 1957, Victoria Day was permanently appointed as the Queen's birthday in Canada.