Translation of video game in Spanish:

video game

videojuego, n.


  • 1

    videojuego masculine
    • As for the ring scenes, they have more in common with a video game than the fight game.
    • We wanted to do a video game based on Hong Kong action movies but we didn't have a star in mind.
    • Certain sports have no place in a video game and disc golf is one of them.
    • The sound for the game, however, far surpasses any expectation for a video game.
    • Do you have a son who tries to spend his whole day in front of a computer screen or a video game?
    • I would have loved at one stage to be able to play DVDs on my video game console.
    • You have to have the perfect combination of a good movie and a good video game for it to work.
    • Be glad you can find this out by playing a video game, instead of nearly dying in a car accident like how most people learn to value their life.
    • It's slick, and is indebted more to a cinematic piece in theaters rather than a simple video game.
    • Music games have taken the video game world by storm in the last few years.