Translation of videocassette in Spanish:


videocasete, n.

Pronunciation /ˌvɪdioʊkəˈsɛt//vɪdɪəʊkəˈsɛt/


  • 1

    videocasete masculine
    • He provided a video cassette to the court and insisted that it recorded the parrot's curse.
    • But Sony will also start selling a video cassette that's suited for high-definition digital recordings.
    • In other words, you don't record material onto a video cassette, you record material directly into a hard-drive, similar to what's inside your computer.
    • A video cassette for use in such a system is also provided.
    • Applicants for the Stand-Up Award need to send in a VHS video cassette of their stand-up routine.
    • Scott shook his head and took the video cassette from me, slipping it into the VCR.