Translation of videography in Spanish:


arte de filmar videos, n.

Pronunciation /vɪdɪˈɒɡrəfi//ˌvɪdiˈɑɡrəfi/


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    arte de filmar videos
    • Barring the lack of a touch-screen like Sony models and the mediocre battery life of one hour with the supplied battery, the Canon is indeed a great buy for anyone serious about their videography.
    • Now the scientists are researching the potential of combining the aerial color infrared videography with global positioning and geographic information system technologies.
    • Magnified high-speed videography revealed that both Leptotyphlops dulcis and Typhlops lineolatus ingest and transport their insect prey using rapid jaw ratcheting mechanisms.
    • Iron Chef's videography does curtail the program's audio-visual disconnect by devoting nearly all of its contest time - about half of each program - to footage of the chefs at work.
    • They will have classes in sculpting, painting, photography, music, theatre, contemporary dance, film, and videography, apart from reading, writing, and arithmetic.
    • On-site support included a hospitality banquet, equipment expo and finish line videography that ushered finishers into video clips that could be e-mailed to friends and family.
    • This is done using different methods: in high-density areas videography is used, whereas in remote areas, a global positioning system is used.
    • However, they can assist in the initial production phase, which typically includes scripting, story-boarding and videography, through referrals and partnering.
    • The videography is outstanding; one seems to be on the stage with the performers much of the time.
    • But an interest in modes of storytelling led her to attend FAVA's 2001 Video Noodle House, a beginner's course in videography.