Translation of view in Spanish:


vista, n.

Pronunciation /vjuː//vju/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sight)

      vista feminine
      as we turned right, the hotel came into view al torcer a la derecha pudimos ver el hotel / el hotel apareció ante nuestra vista
      • to disappear from view desaparecer
      • we soon came in view of the bay pronto pudimos ver la bahía
      • to be hidden from view estar oculto
      • So I head back on to the hillside where all that is hidden from view by trees, and have a last few minutes in wilderness.
      • Which means that I have a particularly good view of that Guard Tower in the garden beyond Lucy Smooth's.
      • All of this is in open view of the street through big glass windows where the camera crew happen to be.
      • A big bald man with a brown mustache ordered, stepping into view from behind the trees.
      • At the moment, trees obscure the existing camera's view of some parts of the street.
      • It sneaks into view from the narrow streets, and one is drawn to it like a Magnet for the Spirit.
      • I kept her hidden from view with a spell, and told her to stay put until I whistled for her.
      • The type of tree will be chosen so as not to obstruct one's view or cause overcrowding.
      • Just before touchdown he became aware of a pylon coming into view from behind a tree.
      • No sooner was Doherty back in the team than the mercurial ability of Graham Geraghty hoved into view.
      • I couldn't see the trail very well anymore, some thick trees obstructing my view of it.
      • James sat near the shaft entrance up on the hill, hidden from view by trees and bushes.
      • The other woman sighed; Vicky's view of her was obstructed by a circle of three guards that surrounded her.
      • Tarmac insists the quarry will be hidden from view by a screen of more than 20,000 trees and a mile and a half of hedgerow.
      • As it came into view, I noticed all the homes, restaurants and hotels that had been lost.
      • At times they vanished from view behind trees, to reappear, smaller still, in the distance.
      • Looking over the oval, the entrance to the tunnel is shielded from view by a large green shed.
      • A small wood shingled A frame, it was solidly encased by trees, hidden from view.
      • The water slides show no signs of abating and regularly obstruct one's view of the sun.
      • I ducked as more bandits stalked into view between the trees on my side of the river.

    • 1.2(range of vision)

      we had a good view of the stage veíamos muy bien el escenario
      • he stood up to get a better view se puso de pie para ver mejor
      • you're blocking my view no me dejas ver

  • 2

    • 2.1(scene, vista)

      vista feminine
      an apartment with an ocean view un apartamento con vista al mar
      • a view over the lake una vista panorámica del lago
      • It sleeps four comfortably and every room has panoramic views of stunning sea and mountain vistas.
      • The presence of cameras staring at the terrace and into the street below does not belittle the stunning view from the roof.
      • From the summit the panorama encompasses fine views of the Great Glen in general and Loch Ness in particular.
      • There are three further bedrooms on the second floor, one of which has attractive views north over to Fife.
      • The actual dinner was fine and the views worthy of all the gushings generated by the copywriter in the brochure we'd picked up earlier that week.
      • From the living area, a stair rises to the long thin private sitting room/study that looks out over stunning views.
      • Fine views of the coast are an added bonus for the golfer.
      • Great river views attract Bristol's finest to drink and dine al fresco on the terrace.
      • Although there's not much to see inside the castle itself, the views from it are spectacular.
      • Bay windows also offer opportunities for built-in seats, maximising space and often exploiting attractive views.
      • From £820 per person, you get a week's bed and breakfast at Hotel Thalassa, which has stunning views across Coral Bay.
      • The truth is that, at present, I only have to lift my eyes by ten degrees and I have a sumptuous panoramic view of a building site.
      • Climbing up onto the walls provides you with an amazing panoramic view of the area.
      • The idea was to open and frame attractive views of the historic buildings.
      • The lodge comprises two reception rooms and five bedrooms and with its southerly aspect, enjoys fine views down the River Naver.
      • Return to the main track and look out for views of Blackness Castle and the Trossachs to the west.
      • The Faithlegg estate itself offers Moire a wealth of stunning views for landscape painting.
      • This walk which covers a distance of eleven miles will pass through some magnificent scenery with panoramic views.
      • The manor also boasts fine views of the local hospital, a stunning former garrison building.
      • It is also in a prime location, with panoramic views of the stunning Peak District, visible from every window in the home.
      • This circular walk up a little hill offers fine views of the Ken Valley and the higher peaks of Galloway, followed by a walk along a tree-filled valley.
      • From its Look Out Level it offers a stunning view of the city, especially at sunset.
      • To the left and right two sets of French doors lead out to two small balconies offering attractive views up and down river.
      • So anyone who finds such views attractive will think that the account is a hard one to swallow.
      • Depending on design, they can mask undesirable sights or highlight attractive views.
      • This panoramic view of Times Square on New Year's Eve includes ambient noise.
      • They have stunning sea views, pristine beaches and pools, and lush landscaped gardens.
      • Which historic Shanghai building boasts gourmet restaurants, world-class boutiques and stunning views?

    • 2.2(picture, photo)

      vista feminine
      • Stephen paints with his impressionistic views of vast, cool mathematical landscapes.
      • The view is supposed to depict the landscape as seen through the asylum windows.
      • Some, the view of Warsaw to the Ordynacki Palace and that towards the Royal Palace, merit the attentions of a restorer.
      • Van Dyck, Canaletto's views of Venice, da Vinci sketches, Holbeins, Rubens and Rembrandts.

  • 3

    • 3.1(opinion, attitude)

      opinión feminine
      parecer masculine
      what's your view? ¿cuál es tu opinión / parecer?
      • he likes to air his views le gusta dar a conocer su opinión
      • in my view, it's too expensive en mi opinión / a mi modo de ver es demasiado caro
      • you have a peculiar view of things tienes una visión extraña de las cosas
      • view on/about sth opinión de/sobre algo
      • to hold views on/about sth tener ideas / opiniones sobre algo
      • she takes the view that … ella opina que …
      • How well do we take on board, consider and reflect the views of minorities in reaching decisions?
      • She is strong in her political views and religious beliefs.
      • Clearly, since this is a matter of opinion, different views are tenable.
      • But her husband, Bob, will not be acting as her consort - because he holds different political views to his wife.
      • He was different to many other lawyers who held strong political views.
      • Although they may not agree at all times and obviously have many different views and opinions, the boat has not been rocked.
      • Do you support his vision for Iran, or are you just giving a forum to dissidents of different political views?
      • That does not, however, prevent us from taking a different view with regard to the costs of the appeal before us.
      • Everyone at the gym seemed to have different opinions and views on how to train.
      • Sibyl was never in a mood to compete with her, for they each had different opinions and views on how things should come to pass.
      • Well, I'm sure that the president of the United States has some very strong views with regards to the recall effort.
      • Do you think you could ever be married to, or in a long-term relationship with, someone with radically different political views from your own?
      • Astonishingly, the senator was giving strong political views.
      • This is the only internet survey of political views based on real opinion poll data.
      • I considered writing about it, throwing in my own heavily opinionated political and religious views, but I won't.
      • The gain is that all kinds of minorities with different views are now represented.
      • They have divergent political views, from each other, from their unions, and definitely from the Labour Party.
      • We have our own opinions and views on political developments.
      • I have also considered carefully the views expressed with regard to the quality of the stained glass on the stairs.
      • Mom will get carried away too, caught up in the strong opinions and harsh views.

    • 3.2(survey, examination)

      visión feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(look at)

      (sights) ver
      (sights) mirar
      we viewed the scene with amusement/detachment mirábamos la escena divertidos/con indiferencia
      • viewed from the side, he resembles his brother (visto) de perfil, se parece a su hermano
      • Before it could be viewed by the public, his art was taken down without his knowledge.
      • In many cases of heel pain located about 3cm above the heel bone, there is no inflammation present when the tendon is scanned or viewed by microscopic analysis.
      • The report can also be viewed at County Hall and at district and borough council offices.
      • The proposals are now on show at the council's offices in Basildon town centre and can be viewed by the public until the middle of February.
      • Several key spots for viewing the lesser kestrel are at ancient monasteries built into cliffs along narrow dry streambeds that wind down to the Jordan River.
      • The exhibition is open to the public and can be viewed over the next couple of weeks during normal opening hours for free admission.
      • A small horizontal slit in the center of the door allowed me to view some of the darkened room beyond.
      • This offers the artist the chance to display their work and allow it to be viewed by the public.
      • The draft bye-laws can be viewed at county hall and the last date for observations and submissions to be made to the council, is July 10.
      • All the players lurched around and stared at Jess, viewing her from head to toes.
      • The plans and a model of the building can be viewed by the public at Chadwell Library, Brentwood Road.
      • Further north Muriwai beach is a favourite spot for viewing New Zealand's northernmost breeding colony of gannets.
      • Members of the public can view these and other documents at the National Archive.
      • From this perspective, the game is simply beautiful and it allows the player to view everything they need to.
      • People were also allowed to view some of the game, which was kept in bomas on the reserve.
      • Flavonoid spots were detected by viewing the 2D-PCs in visible and UV light.
      • The carving was to the front, and was viewed from the main hall.
      • It may be viewed by the public free of charge at participating galleries throughout the country.
      • The plans have now been submitted by Asda Stores, of Leeds, and can be viewed at Shipley Town Hall's planning department.
      • She surreptitiously wiped the tears from her cheeks before she gave up and allowed herself to be viewed.

    • 1.2Television

      • An interesting test of this for television commercials is to view it with the sound off and see what the visuals alone communicate.
      • These ads can piggyback on the televisions station's viewing audience.
      • Today I experienced the profound horror of both viewing this ad on television and hearing it on the radio.
      • In personal interviews, the researchers also asked study participants about their television viewing habits.
      • There were also far too many ‘supervisors’ at the scene, leading to a tangled chain of command that was evident even to those viewing the scene on television.
      • It is viewed weekly on television and played by men and boys throughout the country.
      • Thus, televised sport was viewed first as programming and then as sport.
      • Italian television viewing figures went through the roof with 5,200,000 people watching the decisive stage on Saturday.
      • Television viewing information is collected by the Broadcasters Audience Research Board.
      • Even when we switch off these allegedly offending channels here, those with satellite television will continue viewing them.
      • Anyone who's never seen La Strada is advised to wait until after viewing the film to watch Scorsese's discussion.
      • What is the cultural statement to be made by the fact that the most widely viewed event on television in this country is going to be dominated by commercials for sexual enhancement?
      • Even the Broadcasting Standards Tribunal has concluded that parents cannot be solely responsible for regulating and monitoring the content of television viewed by children.
      • While viewing ice hockey on television is fun, seeing world class NHL stars perform live is an unforgettable experience.
      • Log your television viewing habits for one week in a notebook.
      • First, in viewing the taped segments afterward, the board picked up details about candidates that they'd missed during the live interview.
      • Producers spend much of the time out of their offices - in the studio, at the location, viewing the raw rushes and, later, the rough edited film or tape.
      • That was the extent of my television viewing last night.
      • MTV's viewing audience would be similar to that of this teen drama.
      • Now, the rest of these shows are populated by people who choose to make fools of themselves in front of a national television viewing audience.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (property) ver
      • The guy viewed the house on the first Sunday in December, signed contracts on the 9th or 10th and got the keys on the 21st.
      • The bids are then processed and people with the highest priority are invited to view the property and become the new tenant.
      • He was joined by his wife Bridget as the first party turned up at Bute House in Edinburgh to view the property.
      • Mary Ryan, from Property Vision, has viewed the house and believes it is in desperate need of a makeover.
      • Ophidiophobes thinking of viewing the property will be reassured to learn that there have been no snakes on the premises for a number of years now.
      • I asked the house owner the oddest question ever asked by someone viewing a house.
      • In The World According to Garp, TS Garp is viewing a house that he wants to buy when an aeroplane crashes into it.
      • Although I haven't yet found somewhere worthy of an offer, I did manage to view a few promising properties.
      • She must be one of those people who can view a ghastly house and see its potential.
      • This is reinforced by the fact that the property has already been viewed by a number of city-based businessmen.
      • We have to move out in two weeks and so the landlord is letting people view the property.
      • They moved out before I even viewed the property.
      • They only charged minimal per cent and spent hours driving me around, viewing properties.
      • Giving your home a makeover before prospective buyers come to view can vastly increase your chances of a quick sale.
      • Nice couple, early to mid-thirties I'd say, viewing the house on behalf of parents who live in Wales.
      • When you're viewing someone else's house, don't snigger at the decor or produce a tape measure to start sizing up the windows for curtains.
      • Mr King said he warned Mr Pemberton of the noisy neighbour when he came to view his £59,000 house.
      • Alan was able to walk through the house with his mobile phone, answering questions and describing the flat to his partner who was viewing the property from her computer in Sheffield.
      • But when his wife later viewed a completed house she noticed two of the bedrooms ‘looked short’.
      • Sadly, the people who came to view the house the other day seem to have decided against proceeding.

    • 2.2

      (accounts) examinar

  • 3

    she viewed the job as a challenge veía / consideraba el trabajo como un reto
    • the proposal/her presence is viewed with suspicion by the staff el personal ve la propuesta/su presencia con recelo
    • we viewed the matter with concern el asunto nos preocupaba
    • The varying reactions to the women's health initiative findings can be viewed in many lights.
    • Any conclusions to be drawn from the survey need to be viewed in the light of changing political circumstances in the academic research domain.
    • The gender differences found in this study need to be viewed in light of two methodological limitations.
    • The coincidence needs to be viewed in the light of the fact that the world's temperature has always gone up and down like a yo-yo on all sorts of time scales.
    • The good Professor's lament for the old days reminds me of the habit many senior citizens have of viewing the past through rose tinted glasses.
    • The high cholesterol content of eggs causes them to be viewed in a dim light, although studies suggest that their intake has relatively little bearing on our risk of death.
    • The difficulties and importance of schooling during childhood have come to be viewed in a new light in the social sciences.
    • The reliability of Miss Stadden's evidence and of her second statement might have been viewed differently in light of the full knowledge of the array of misconduct.
    • However, his memory of the events on March 15, 1996 must be viewed in light of the following exchange between him and his counsel.
    • If Nick wants to go down this path, some of his comments may well have to be viewed in the same light.
    • Autologous bone marrow transplantation was being viewed in a different light.
    • This belief should be viewed in light of the basis of pleas entered above.
    • But if everything that passes in front of the eyes is supposed to be entertaining, and is viewed in that light, then the simulation would be condemned as appalling taste.
    • To suggest that people employed in breeding dogs and so forth can be viewed in the same light is contemptible.
    • So you suddenly had a few million farmers beginning to view themselves as consumers.
    • That account has to be viewed in the light of the contemporary documents.
    • Circumcision, I can tell you, is not a prospect to be viewed lightly in later life.
    • Technological progress has always been viewed with fear and regarded with distrust.
    • The results presented in this article need to be viewed in light of several limitations.
    • When we think about the Middle Ages, it is easy to view Europe in light of what it became rather than what it was.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    ver la televisión
    the viewing public los telespectadores