Translation of view in Spanish:


vista, n.

Pronunciation: /vju//vjuː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sight)

      vista feminine
      as we turned right, the hotel came into view al torcer a la derecha pudimos ver el hotel / el hotel apareció ante nuestra vista
      • to disappear from view desaparecer
      • we soon came in view of the bay pronto pudimos ver la bahía
      • to be hidden from view estar oculto
      • in full view of sb/sth a la vista de algn/algo
      • he undressed in full view of everyone se desvistió delante de todos / a la vista de todos
      • I couldn't see the trail very well anymore, some thick trees obstructing my view of it.
      • I ducked as more bandits stalked into view between the trees on my side of the river.
      • It sneaks into view from the narrow streets, and one is drawn to it like a Magnet for the Spirit.
      • Tarmac insists the quarry will be hidden from view by a screen of more than 20,000 trees and a mile and a half of hedgerow.
      • James sat near the shaft entrance up on the hill, hidden from view by trees and bushes.
      • Just before touchdown he became aware of a pylon coming into view from behind a tree.
      • At the moment, trees obscure the existing camera's view of some parts of the street.
      • As it came into view, I noticed all the homes, restaurants and hotels that had been lost.
      • Looking over the oval, the entrance to the tunnel is shielded from view by a large green shed.
      • The type of tree will be chosen so as not to obstruct one's view or cause overcrowding.
      • So I head back on to the hillside where all that is hidden from view by trees, and have a last few minutes in wilderness.
      • A big bald man with a brown mustache ordered, stepping into view from behind the trees.
      • Which means that I have a particularly good view of that Guard Tower in the garden beyond Lucy Smooth's.
      • The other woman sighed; Vicky's view of her was obstructed by a circle of three guards that surrounded her.
      • At times they vanished from view behind trees, to reappear, smaller still, in the distance.
      • I kept her hidden from view with a spell, and told her to stay put until I whistled for her.
      • No sooner was Doherty back in the team than the mercurial ability of Graham Geraghty hoved into view.
      • All of this is in open view of the street through big glass windows where the camera crew happen to be.
      • The water slides show no signs of abating and regularly obstruct one's view of the sun.
      • A small wood shingled A frame, it was solidly encased by trees, hidden from view.

    • 1.2(range of vision)

      we had a good view of the stage veíamos muy bien el escenario
      • he stood up to get a better view se puso de pie para ver mejor
      • you're blocking my view me estás tapando

  • 2

    • 2.1(scene, vista)

      vista feminine
      an apartment with an ocean view un apartamento con vista al mar
      • a view over the lake una vista panorámica del lago
      • Great river views attract Bristol's finest to drink and dine al fresco on the terrace.
      • From the summit the panorama encompasses fine views of the Great Glen in general and Loch Ness in particular.
      • This walk which covers a distance of eleven miles will pass through some magnificent scenery with panoramic views.
      • There are three further bedrooms on the second floor, one of which has attractive views north over to Fife.
      • It is also in a prime location, with panoramic views of the stunning Peak District, visible from every window in the home.
      • It sleeps four comfortably and every room has panoramic views of stunning sea and mountain vistas.
      • Bay windows also offer opportunities for built-in seats, maximising space and often exploiting attractive views.
      • Fine views of the coast are an added bonus for the golfer.
      • This panoramic view of Times Square on New Year's Eve includes ambient noise.
      • They have stunning sea views, pristine beaches and pools, and lush landscaped gardens.
      • From its Look Out Level it offers a stunning view of the city, especially at sunset.
      • The manor also boasts fine views of the local hospital, a stunning former garrison building.
      • The truth is that, at present, I only have to lift my eyes by ten degrees and I have a sumptuous panoramic view of a building site.
      • From £820 per person, you get a week's bed and breakfast at Hotel Thalassa, which has stunning views across Coral Bay.
      • The lodge comprises two reception rooms and five bedrooms and with its southerly aspect, enjoys fine views down the River Naver.
      • The idea was to open and frame attractive views of the historic buildings.
      • From the living area, a stair rises to the long thin private sitting room/study that looks out over stunning views.
      • Return to the main track and look out for views of Blackness Castle and the Trossachs to the west.
      • So anyone who finds such views attractive will think that the account is a hard one to swallow.
      • Although there's not much to see inside the castle itself, the views from it are spectacular.
      • The actual dinner was fine and the views worthy of all the gushings generated by the copywriter in the brochure we'd picked up earlier that week.
      • Depending on design, they can mask undesirable sights or highlight attractive views.
      • To the left and right two sets of French doors lead out to two small balconies offering attractive views up and down river.
      • This circular walk up a little hill offers fine views of the Ken Valley and the higher peaks of Galloway, followed by a walk along a tree-filled valley.
      • The Faithlegg estate itself offers Moire a wealth of stunning views for landscape painting.
      • Which historic Shanghai building boasts gourmet restaurants, world-class boutiques and stunning views?
      • Climbing up onto the walls provides you with an amazing panoramic view of the area.
      • The presence of cameras staring at the terrace and into the street below does not belittle the stunning view from the roof.

    • 2.2(picture, photo)

      vista feminine
      • Some, the view of Warsaw to the Ordynacki Palace and that towards the Royal Palace, merit the attentions of a restorer.
      • Stephen paints with his impressionistic views of vast, cool mathematical landscapes.
      • Van Dyck, Canaletto's views of Venice, da Vinci sketches, Holbeins, Rubens and Rembrandts.
      • The view is supposed to depict the landscape as seen through the asylum windows.

  • 3

    • 3.1(opinion, attitude)

      opinión feminine
      parecer masculine
      what's your view? ¿tú qué opinas?
      • he likes to air his views le gusta dar a conocer su opinión
      • in my view, it's too expensive en mi opinión / a mi modo de ver es demasiado caro
      • you have a peculiar view of things tienes una visión extraña de las cosas
      • view on / about sth opinión de / sobre algo
      • to hold views on/about sth tener ideas / opiniones sobre algo
      • she takes the view that … ella opina que …
      • to take a dim / poor view of sth
      • she took a dim view of his arriving so late no le pareció nada bien que llegara tan tarde
      • they take a dim view of their daughter going out with him ven con malos ojos que su hija salga con él
      • to take the long/short view adoptar una perspectiva amplia/limitada
      • she takes a longer view adopta una perspectiva más amplia
      • This is the only internet survey of political views based on real opinion poll data.
      • Well, I'm sure that the president of the United States has some very strong views with regards to the recall effort.
      • Do you think you could ever be married to, or in a long-term relationship with, someone with radically different political views from your own?
      • He was different to many other lawyers who held strong political views.
      • I considered writing about it, throwing in my own heavily opinionated political and religious views, but I won't.
      • Although they may not agree at all times and obviously have many different views and opinions, the boat has not been rocked.
      • Sibyl was never in a mood to compete with her, for they each had different opinions and views on how things should come to pass.
      • Clearly, since this is a matter of opinion, different views are tenable.
      • Do you support his vision for Iran, or are you just giving a forum to dissidents of different political views?
      • I have also considered carefully the views expressed with regard to the quality of the stained glass on the stairs.
      • Astonishingly, the senator was giving strong political views.
      • We have our own opinions and views on political developments.
      • The gain is that all kinds of minorities with different views are now represented.
      • Mom will get carried away too, caught up in the strong opinions and harsh views.
      • But her husband, Bob, will not be acting as her consort - because he holds different political views to his wife.
      • She is strong in her political views and religious beliefs.
      • That does not, however, prevent us from taking a different view with regard to the costs of the appeal before us.
      • Everyone at the gym seemed to have different opinions and views on how to train.
      • They have divergent political views, from each other, from their unions, and definitely from the Labour Party.
      • How well do we take on board, consider and reflect the views of minorities in reaching decisions?

    • 3.2(survey, examination)

      visión feminine

  • 4

    (plan, intention)
    with a view to -ing , with the view of -ing con vistas a + inf
    • with a view to buying a house con vistas a comprar una casa
  • 5

    in view
    • what exactly do you have in view? concretamente ¿qué es lo que te propones / lo que pretendes?
    • there's no end in view no se vislumbra el final
    • let's have a look at what's in view for the week ahead veamos qué tenemos en perspectiva para la semana que viene
    • this car is designed with safety in view este coche ha sido diseñado pensando en la seguridad
    • always keep your ultimate goal in view nunca pierdas de vista el objetivo que persigues
    • with this in view con este fin
    • in view of en vista de
    • in view of what's happened en vista de lo que ha sucedido
    • in view of the fact that … dado que …
    • on view
    • the exhibition is on view until the end of the month la exposición puede visitarse hasta fin de mes
    • the winning entries will go on view to the public on Saturday las obras premiadas podrán verse / se expondrán al público a partir del sábado

transitive verb

  • 1

    (look at)
    (sights) ver
    (sights) mirar
    we viewed the scene with amusement/detachment mirábamos la escena divertidos/con indiferencia
    • viewed from the side, he resembles his brother (visto) de perfil, se parece a su hermano
  • 2

  • 3

    (property) ver
  • 4

    (accounts) examinar
  • 5

    she viewed the job as a challenge veía / consideraba el trabajo como un reto
    • the proposal/her presence is viewed with suspicion by the staff el personal ve la propuesta/su presencia con recelo
    • we viewed the matter with concern el asunto nos preocupaba

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ver la televisión
    the viewing public los telespectadores